Activities for the day 19.05.20

Good morning class 3! Thankyou for getting started on our new space theme!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Flora created her own planet and solved the constellation challenge:


Finley also tackled the constellation challenge – well done!


Here is Olivia’s super planet and constellation work too!


Zak has been researching the 5 senses and space ready for his planet design, as well as did a virtual chester zoo tour of the meerkats and did some writing based on it- well done!


Here is Summer’s planet and typed-up description -wow!


And this is Finley with his fantastic planet design – Finley is a new member of Class 3 and I’m sure you will all give him a warm internet welcome and look forward to meeting him when you can as much as I do! 🙂


Today’s suggested activities:

Continue to use BBC Bitesize maths 

Also here is another space-themed challenge:


English/Science: Spend some time researching the Milky way and some fantastic facts about it – you may then want to present your findings on a poster, or a descriptive piece, even a poem! You can get creative and do some artwork around your writing too!

Have a great day Class 3! Miss H