Activities for the day 22.05.20

Hello Class 3 and happy Friday! I hope you are all well and that you’ve had a good week!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Summer has done a brilliant informational piece on the Space race -a must read!


Olivia worked out the scales of the distances of the planets to the sun, so that she could create this amazing model of our solar system- WOW!


Zak has been working on decimal points- that’s very challenging Maths Zak – well done!


Ethan researched the space race, and also imagined what life would be like on Mars – with some very cool ideas!


Suggested activities for the day:

Maths: Daily BBC Bitesize maths

English/Art: I liked doing an ‘arty’ Friday last week, so today I am setting something similar, I would like you to get creative and imaginative and do some ‘out of this world’ art! It can be whatever you’d like! You may want to write up what you decided to do, the process of doing it, and why!

Science: Choose an activity from the Do NASA space place to try out today!

I’d like to thank you all so much for checking these daily posts and for telling me all about the fantastic things you’ve been getting up to at home. You have done yourselves and your families proud. Have a wonderful half-term holiday Class 3, Miss H 🙂