Science investigating!

In class today the children have carried out investigations that they had planned yesterday. The children wanted to explore the effect of increasing the number of cells had on components. They designed their own investigations and wrote accurate hypothesis. They then developed the mathematical concept of finding the mean in their data. On Friday, we will interpret and analyse our data.


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Literacy homework 1.2.19

In Literacy we will be writing an Autobiography about Queen Elizabeth the 1st. We need lots of facts and information about her life to make this easier!!

I would like you to carry out research about her life, important events and important people in her life.

Suggestion of key events in her life you may want to research following areas:

  • Her life as a child (find out dates, where she lived and information about her family and step family)
  • Being under arrest
  • Being Queen
  • Plots against the Queen
  • Her travels (including Francis Drake – giving him a title)
  • War with Spain
  • Her death

Maths homework 25.1.19

Take a look at the decimal section on the following link. Which questions can you answer?

Use the you tube clip to talk you through how to answer the problem if you are struggling.



Literacy homework 25.1.19


Literacy research:   Was electricity discovered or invented?

I would like you to carry out a research project on who invented electricity. To help with you project, you may want to set yourself some questions that you want to answer. Who/when/where…

Create a poster for our classroom display with facts about the scientist/s you have found out about and a justification to the answer.’

Cogheart diary writing

Class 5’s class read has been Cogheart. We have loved all the twists and turns and enjoyed making predictions about the plot.

As part of our literacy work we have been looking at writing diary extracts from different characters perspectives. Matilda has worked really hard incorporate diary extracts within a letter. Excellent work and vocabulary choice Matilda!



Making periscopes!

As part of class 5’s topic about light we have explored how light travels and is reflected. We have used this knowledge to make periscopes. Children worked as teams and pooled together their thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

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