Class 5 project work

I would like to say a massive well done to the year 5 children in my class for their fantastic totem poles created as part of our Native American topic. So much thought and effort has gone in to them and the end results are very impressive!




Monster maths challenge!

Class 5 this afternoon have been challenged to make a monster using different coloured cubes, with different values.

For example the green cube was worth 1 1/2, yellow = 3/4, blue = 2/8 red = 11/16.

Their task was to create a monster that had a value of 15 1/5. We discussed different approaches and strategies and decision making skills. We had a great fun, but challenging afternoon!

Here are some of our designs:

P1060923 P1060924 P1060928 P1060935

A busy afternoon in class 5!

We have had a fantastic afternoon to wind down from all the hard work and testing this week!

Woody came to visit; children worked hard to write algorithms and debug them; and we are now well on our way with our sewing project!

P1060891 P1060892 P1060893 P1060894 P1060895

Maths angles!

In class 5 we have been brushing up on our measuring and angles knowledge. The children had great fun making polygons and applying their knowledge to calculate angles.

P1060881 P1060882 P1060883 P1060884

Topic work- Native Americans

In topic work we are thinking about the question:

Should Native Americans be treated as one?

The class are working in groups and researching facts about a different tribe of Native Americans. We are focusing our research on: The Plains, The Southwest, Eastern Woodlands and the Northwest coast.

To help us to consider the answer to the question we are thinking about the following topic:











World book day!

In class 5 we focused our work on a picture book called Tuesday by David Weisner. We used the illustrations to explain and predict events in the story. The children loved the book: “it allowed us to use our imagination about the plot” “We could make up our own descriptions.”

We based our class work on the investigation scene. Some of the class took part in role play became news reporters and eye witnesses and presented a live news report of the incident. Others became police investigators and interviewed the suspects and the witnesses to try and determine the reason for the events. We focused on how to show characterisation through speech.


During the afternoon, the children produced a newspaper report of the event.