Activities for the day 22.05.20

Hello Class 3 and happy Friday! I hope you are all well and that you’ve had a good week!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Summer has done a brilliant informational piece on the Space race -a must read!


Olivia worked out the scales of the distances of the planets to the sun, so that she could create this amazing model of our solar system- WOW!


Zak has been working on decimal points- that’s very challenging Maths Zak – well done!


Ethan researched the space race, and also imagined what life would be like on Mars – with some very cool ideas!


Suggested activities for the day:

Maths: Daily BBC Bitesize maths

English/Art: I liked doing an ‘arty’ Friday last week, so today I am setting something similar, I would like you to get creative and imaginative and do some ‘out of this world’ art! It can be whatever you’d like! You may want to write up what you decided to do, the process of doing it, and why!

Science: Choose an activity from the Do NASA space place to try out today!

I’d like to thank you all so much for checking these daily posts and for telling me all about the fantastic things you’ve been getting up to at home. You have done yourselves and your families proud. Have a wonderful half-term holiday Class 3, Miss H 🙂

Activities for the day 21.05.20

Hello Class 3! I hope you are all well!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Flora has done some brilliant research on the space race, and then recreated the solar system in her garden – wow!


Jasper has been busy typing up his findings on the milky way and the space race- well done!


Zak has been trying some very challenging maths work! Go Zak!


Suggested activities for the day:

Imagine that there is life on Mars, describe what the living things would look like, act like and do!


Maths: BBC Bitesize

And another space-themed maths challenge!


Science: Choose another fun activity to try on the Do NASA website!

Have a great day class 3! Miss H

The Virtual School Games have started!

A drawing of a cartoon character

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The week 1 challenge is Dodgeball and you can access the challenge sheet here.  Links to the videos showing how to complete the challenge are included in the challenge sheet.

Remember, #VirtualSTWSchoolGames is open to all primary school age children – simply send the videos of your challenge attempt to

Please remember to state that you are from Crudgington, and whether they have permission to share your entries on their online media.

Have fun and good luck! Miss Howell

Activities for the day 20.05.20

Good morning Class 3 and happy Wednesday!

I’m glad you are enjoying the space theme so far – let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Flora created a beautiful spirally poem about the milky way!


Zak made a poster and a super cool piece of art based on the milky way.


Olivia also created a spirally poem – wow! Here is the space maths she also tried out and her wonderful milky way art!


Isla has put alot of time and effort into this brilliant poster!


Summer typed up her milky way research – well done for practising your typing skills! She has also made this very thoughtful poster to welcome Finley to our class! 🙂


Suggested activities for the day:

English/history: Can you research and write about the ‘Space race’ – research what the race to space was and who it was between, then you may want to choose to write an informational/explanation piece, or a news report!

Maths: BBC Bitesize 

Another maths space challenge:


Science: Choose a challenge to try out on the NASA Space Place website!

Have a great day class 3! Miss H

Activities for the day 19.05.20

Good morning class 3! Thankyou for getting started on our new space theme!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Flora created her own planet and solved the constellation challenge:


Finley also tackled the constellation challenge – well done!


Here is Olivia’s super planet and constellation work too!


Zak has been researching the 5 senses and space ready for his planet design, as well as did a virtual chester zoo tour of the meerkats and did some writing based on it- well done!


Here is Summer’s planet and typed-up description -wow!


And this is Finley with his fantastic planet design – Finley is a new member of Class 3 and I’m sure you will all give him a warm internet welcome and look forward to meeting him when you can as much as I do! 🙂


Today’s suggested activities:

Continue to use BBC Bitesize maths 

Also here is another space-themed challenge:


English/Science: Spend some time researching the Milky way and some fantastic facts about it – you may then want to present your findings on a poster, or a descriptive piece, even a poem! You can get creative and do some artwork around your writing too!

Have a great day Class 3! Miss H

Activities for the day 18.05.20

Good morning class 3 and happy Monday!

The start of a new week means a new theme for us, which is going to be – Space!

Firstly let’s see what we’ve all been up to:

Flora did some fantastic beans artwork based on Andy Warhol’s soup cans!


Olivia also used Andy Warhol as inspiration – doing apples – she also did a write up of the process of deciding on the concept to creating the artwork- wow!


Finley has very busy baking lots of cakes – very well done Finley!


James has also been very busy baking cakes – they look yummy!


So this week we’re going to be doing some activities based on our new Space theme! Space is such a fun topic to focus on, as there are so many fascinating things you can learn!

English/Science: Here is a great activity based on the 5 senses in space, where you have to first learn about how the 5 senses are used in space, then create your own alien world and consider how you would test for the 5 senses! Designing for the Barely Imaginable

Maths: BBC Bitesize 

Also here is a space themed coordinates challenge – you may want to draw the grid onto squared paper in your maths books:

space maths1

Please remember to check purple mash for daily activities set – comprehension, spelling and some space themed work, as well as times table rockstar!

Have a great Monday Class 3! Miss H 🙂

Activities for the day 15.05.20

Good morning Class 3 and happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week enjoying our food topic!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Zaine made a super table to review different meals he has with his family – wow!


Flora has made a review from when she went to pizza hut!


Zak has been estimating and measuring different items, as well as researching food miles and writing a food review!


Suggested activities for the day:

As usual- please check purple mash and times table rockstar, and bbc bitesize for maths -but today’s suggested activity is a bit more arty!

You are tasked to make some food art! Now this may mean a sketch/painting of food – (see Andy Warhol’s soup can as inspiration), or you may want to make art WITH food! It’s up to you!

When you have made your masterpiece, you can write up your thoughts on your artwork, what went well, what you’d improve/change next time, and what inspired you!

Have a great day and a lovely weekend! Miss H 🙂

Activities for the day 14.05.20

Good morning Class 3 and happy Thursday!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Jasper’s made a chocolate fudge cake with a brilliant recipe to go with it!


Flora has made cheesy dog treats for her dog Buddy! I will definitely be trying this for Spud!


Zaine’s recipe is for a super sausage roll and typed up his recipe – wow!


Isla has been finding fascinating fossils in her local area where she lives!


Olivia has made mini dorset apple cakes and a recipe too!


Peyton has made some very magical unicorn cakes!


Zak made a very delicious-looking chocolate cake!


Summer made some sweet fudge with a recipe too!


Thankyou so much for sharing your recipes! If you someone else’s recipe-  let me know!

Today’s suggested activities:

English – Today you could write a food review about your favourite meal – it could be something you’ve had when you’ve gone out for a meal, or something you’ve had at home! You may want to do some research and see what food reviews look like and how they are written- before writing your own!

Maths – BBC Bitesize maths 

Also for maths –  if you have some weighing scales – you could estimate how heavy a food item is- such as a tin of something or a fruit/vegetable, then weigh it to see how close you were to your estimate! Have a chat about the different measurements of weight and which one you will use. Make a table showing the item of food, your estimate, and the real weight!

Have a great Thursday Class 3! Miss H 🙂


Activities for the day 13.05.20

Hello Class 3! I hope you have been having a good week so far!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Finley’s enjoyed walking around the kitchen spotting potential hazards, then made this brilliant poster!


Jasper has typed up his fantastic journey of a strawberry!

Strawberry journey from Lancashire

My name is Jay and I am an extraordinary strawberry.

First I was growing in the pitch black mud and I was a beautiful flower and I was surrounded by leaves that were green. After some gleaming bright sunlight and a lot of drenching rain I started to change into a bright red juicy strawberry! Then one amazing day I was picked by a ginormous hand. Then they put me in a box with some other strawberries. Then I went into this weird place with no sunlight and was put in a see through box with some other strawberries. I liked being with the other strawberries then we were put in a truck. It was dark in the truck and it took ages to get to wellington then I was taken out and put in the fruit isle at the shop. I am waiting to get taken to a house I wonder what will happen there.

Olivia has mapped out where her food has come from- and made a brilliant spreadsheet to show her data! She also did some super research about where her strawberry’s originated from!


Summer also researched and explained the strawberry’s journey! She then went on to make a delicious rhubarb crumble – made with rhubarb from her garden!


Flora did a story about the strawberry’s which is a lovely read!


Zak has been very busy making a gruesome recipe, as well as doing some descriptive writing and a diary entry for his VE day celebrations!


Suggested activities for today:

English/D&T: Today if possible, can you help/assist your parents/carers in doing some cooking today? Can you then write a recipe/ set of instructions based on what you did and made? It’d be lovely if you could send in your culinary creations for me to share!

Maths: Daily maths lessons to check out! 

Please continue to check purple mash and timestable rockstar for activities on there 🙂 Have a great day class 3! Miss H

Virtual STW School Games

The Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin School Games have announced a virtual sports competition that can be done from home!

Starting on the week commencing 18th May- there will be one sporting challenge issued out weekly – that primary pupils can videos/photograph themselves doing – in order to win electronic certificates amongst other awards! There will be an email to send your entries into – please see the official documentation below for details – but you will need to ensure you state that the pupil has adult consent to them sharing the entries on their online platforms.

If your child is currently going into school – staff can do the challenge entries from there – but we will need consent emailed in to do so.

Please read below for information-  I will share the first challenge when it starts 🙂

Miss Howell

Virtual School Games Important Information (1)