Challenge of the day 22.05.20

Happy Friday Class 5! Another week done 🙂

Here were your correct answers to the Sudoku challenge:

thumbnail_IMG_0110 20200521_122017

For today’s challenge, let’s have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge again Remember that they get harder as you go along and that challenge 7 is Year 6 going on Year 7 level! Send your work in if you like for our class update later today 🙂

Today is the day – use all your planning and work that you have done before to finally write your short story! Remember to try and use all you know about punctuation and checking your spellings, it’s good practise! I can’t wait to read them, I’ve enjoyed reading everything you’ve done so far like this…

Cats in the Olympics (1) 20200521_112717 thumbnail_20200519_103324 thumbnail_image_123927839 thumbnail_IMG_1014

There definitely seems to be a penguin theme!

For a super cool music lesson – head over to BBC Bitesize and use sounds around your home to make music! You may want to download a free music software, like GarageBand and Audacity, there are some others out there too when you google.

Most importantly – get outside and enjoy the sunshine, get yourself moving and make fun memories 😀

I will update later with any work you send in to me, but I’ll wish you all a happy half term now Class 5 and hope to speak to or see you soon 🙂

Miss P

Challenge of the day 21.05.20

Good morning Class 5! We’re almost at the weekend and half term! 😀

Here is the answer for the challenge yesterday


For today’s challenge, have a go at this 6×6 sudoku


If you aren’t sure on how to complete a 6×6 sudoku, then have a look at this video below which explains how to solve them

I have really enjoyed reading your writing this week – it’s almost like being back in school in our writing cycle! Today I would like you to plan all of your short story about the animal Olympics – like how we would at school! You can present your plan however you like, it might be a story mountain, it might be in a mindmap or you might just write it in a list. Remember that a plan is notes, bullet points and prompts to help your remember, you are not writing your story today – that will be tomorrow. Here is a guide of what structure your story could follow:

Paragraph 1 – Setting the scene: where are they? Think about what you have seen on TV during the Olympics, is it a crowded stadium or loud swimming pool or ice rink? Think about the 5 senses when you describe the setting.

Paragraph 2 – Introduce your character: this is where your character mindmap from Monday will be handy! Think about your super vocabulary for this paragraph. Describe how the animals have entered the scene, what they are doing as they prepare for the event? Think of the small details that might make the reader laugh!

Paragraph 3 – The action: this is where your paragraph from Tuesday can help, but try to expand it. The event has started – what problems might have occurred? How does your animal character do in the sport? Perhaps you can create suspense by hinting at some problem that might happen. Remember to keep varying your sentence starters and try not to use ‘and then’ too much!

Paragraph 4 – The result: What happened? Did they win or was there a big pile up and mess of animals? Have they been given a medal? It is up to you – if you want you could just leave it on a cliffhanger as they all reach the finish line at almost the same time and we never find out the winner!

Have fun with it, it is meant to be a funny short story, and try to practise your punctuation, spellings and descriptive language when you come to write.

For today’s maths activity, have a go at practising your knowledge of time with today’s lesson on and the activity sheet that goes with it 🙂

For some fun geography game that might help you remember countries, flags and capital cities head on over to

I always love to hear what you’ve been doing! Here is some art work from Lewis following the lesson from yesterday and Lola’s science work on magnets!

20200520_205733 thumbnail_IMG_0103

Have a lovely day

Miss P

Challenge of the day 20.05.20

Good morning Class 5. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine we have back!

Here are the answers for yesterday’s challenge – well done if you got it!

thumbnail_IMG_0099 20200519_104034

Here is today’s puzzle – send in your solutions if you want


I have loved reading all of your writing about the animals in the Olympic sports! They have made me giggle and I will share them all at the end of the week when we have finished 🙂 Today I would like you to think about whether you will include any speech in your short story – will the animals interact with each other? What might they say? Can you use it to make the action move forward? Think about when they will be talking to each other and write that little part of your story – remember to try not to make it all speech and add some description in between the speaker! Can you remember the rules of speech?

DirectSpeech2 speech

Have fun – make it as silly as you like!

Bitesize have a fab lesson on dividing decimals by whole numbers today – this is revision on what we did before we left school, so have a go 🙂

There is also an interesting Science lesson on magnets today on BBC Bitesize, there is a practical activity that you can do with it too

Why not have a go at this art lesson that shows you how to create optical illusions and use shadowing? I’d love to see your results!

Most importantly – get yourself outside, enjoy the fresh air and get moving! 🙂

Have a lovely day everyone – Miss P

Class 5 update!

Hi all – you have been extremely busy over the last couple of days so lets find out what you’ve been up to!

Daniel has been doing lots of home learning, working on spreadsheets and researching things that he has noticed around him!

Planes IMG_20200514_111157


Hettie has been making a card for her friend


Matthias and his sister have made a video on how to cook an omelette

Nate had a go at the funky hair celebration and even some face paint!

20200518_171407 20200518_163358 20200518_163408

Oscar has been doing some art and continued our graffiti topic!

thumbnail_Image thumbnail_image001

Lewis has been working hard, here is his NHS history poster and some work done on the Chester Zoo website 🙂

20200518_150352 (1) 20200514_161959

Ollie has worked hard on his maths and has been researching on how to help wildlife in his garden

thumbnail_IMG_1007 thumbnail_IMG_1015 thumbnail_IMG_1016

Lucy has worked hard on her spreadsheet skills and also created a lovely presentation about the NHS

Lucy NHS slide show

lucy car spread sheet

Lola has been working on her maths everyday – here is a photo with her cat helping her 😀


You are all so busy and I am so proud of you all – well done!

Challenge of the day 19.05.20

Good morning Class 5!

I have enjoyed reading your updates by email – I will get all your work and photos together in a post in a little bit 🙂

Here are your solutions to the challenge from yesterday –

97977283_263526454785835_6612822375257866240_n 20200518_153558

Great job! Today, can you crack the code and solve the question? We already know that F = H and that Y = A – use your knowledge of words to solve what the others letters actually are!

riddle problem

Continuing on our English Task! Today I would like you to think about the action of your animal character competing in the Olympic event you have chosen. How will you show the action? Think of your powerful verbs to show meaning. Think of DADWAVERS and ISPACE to get different sentence starters. Vary your sentence length, when you want the action to speed up use shorter sentences.


Here is a little example that I might write for the giraffes that were diving:

Cautiously, the first competitor edged on to the diving platform, its long legs shaking like a leaf in the wind. The sound of its knobbly knees knocking together echoed around the pool. One small step lead to a bigger one. Next came an even bigger one. Gaining speed, its beady eyes focused with determination on the neck of its dangling ally. The end of the diving board was approaching and the competitor kept galloping forward, like a car hurtling towards the edge of a cliff. Would the giraffe get enough speed to pull off the triple somersault? Reaching the very tip of the bouncing plank, four hooves thrust with an unstoppable force and the fearless diver hurtled into the air.

For maths, head over to Bitesize for a lesson on multiplying decimals by whole numbers
If you want more practise with fractions – the year 5 lesson is about adding fractions that may be bigger than 1.

Bitesize also have a useful lesson on semicolons – this would be fantastic revision and could help your with your writing task! 🙂

The geography lesson is about natural resources and ties in with our lessons on globalisation and imports and exports.

If you fancy something a little bit different to get you moving today – why not try a few Zumba videos? There are loads of kids on youtube – here is one of my favourites

Yesterday whilst I was at school, we found that outside Class 1 in the tyres a bird has made a nest to lay her eggs there. The birds had hatched and were all snuggled up waiting for mum to return with food. We waited and saw mum was eager to come back but she wouldn’t with us watching – we decided to go back inside and look from the windows. It got us thinking about what other things we could do to help the wildlife – if you want to have a look at what you can do head on over to the RSPB website where they have lots of activities!

Have a brilliant day, as always share what you’re doing with me by email if you want – Miss P

Challenge of the day 18.05.20

Good morning Class 5 – I hope you had a great weekend!

You all did really well with the book titles using the emojis 🙂
97088878_177010453582770_3331795101478289408_n alfie dan thumbnail_IMG_0088  20200517_120200

The correct answers are:

20200515_111310 Well done!

Here is today’s challenge – use each number once to put in the spaces to make the additions correct. Is there more than one way to complete this? Email me your solutions if you would like

maths starter

For an English task this week I thought it would be fun to plan and build on our writing throughout the week and create a humorous story. Begin with watching and giggling at the video 5 Metres 80 here

We will be writing our own little story like the video about animals taking part in an Olympic sport. What combination will you pick? Maybe it’s a group of penguins cycling in a velodrome, elephants on the gymnastic beam or rhinos racing the hurdles – create your own, the funnier the better. Think about what problems they may face – can the penguins reach the pedals of the bike? Do the elephants have trouble balancing on the beam? Does the rhino’s horn cause problems with the hurdles?

Today’s task will be writing some examples of description of your animal character, try and really paint a picture of how they look, move and sound. This can be in the form of a mindmap, creating your own word map or you can even draft a paragraph that introduces them.  Can you use examples of:

  • expanded noun phrases (use of adjectives, prepositions)
  • metaphors or similes (describing it as like something else)
  • personification (give human features)
  • Use different sentence starters when describing movements

This lessons on Bitesize might be helpful Keep this safe as we will be building it over the week – you are more than welcome to send your work to me each day!

For Maths there is a lesson about multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000 This will be revision of what we have done before.

If you want to have a go at some more hands on Science experiments, there are lots of different ones here at Terrific Scientific website

Challenge of the day 15.05.20

Happy Friday Class 5! Another week done 🙂

Well, this would have been the end of your SATS week! How would have you celebrated? Personally, I like the idea of these crazy hair celebrations! Now that we are missing our hairdressers and barbers – are you tempted to try and create a crazy hair celebration like these below? If you have a go, send me your crazy hair photos 😀

end of sats celebration

For our little challenge today – can you figure out what the book is from the emojis? Write down your answers and send them to me on

emoji name the books

Head over to Bitesize for your maths challenge! see how far you can get – remember that number 6 can be super tricky! If you get stuck, email me and I can try to help 🙂

There is a reading lesson on Percy Jackson, read by Stephen Fry, on BBC Bitesize today have a go at the tasks after reading the two extracts.

If you are bored of Joe Wicks and want a quick fitness challenge to have a go at, have a look at this!

If you want to film yourself doing the challenge – feel free to send it in and we can see how many 90 degree turns we can do as a class! 🙂 There are lots of other challenges on this page that I might set you in the future 😉

There is another Art lesson we can have a go at this week here which looks at L.S Lowry, who I know a few of you have looked at before with me. It teaches you about artistic techniques and printmaking.

I have no doubt you will all have lots to tell me about what else you have got up to so I will post another update later to let you all know!

Have a great day 🙂

Miss P

Challenge of the day 14.05.20

Good morning Class 5, happy Thursday 🙂 I hope you are all doing well!

Today is the final of our Silly SATS – the reading paper! In the powerpoint there are two slides for you to read and then questions on the next two slides and the answers for an adult to mark are on the last slide. Have fun – this one is super silly!


Today there is a brilliant revision lesson on for factors – it also demonstrates some great tips and tricks for figuring out whether numbers are factors of a large number without having to divide fully. Have a look and then go through the activity. Remember you can always email me if you are unsure!

If you’re still wanting to write your report on someone or your debate argument as to why cats or dogs are better, then please continue with that. If you’ve done, why not have a go at another 10 minute challenge? Today’s one is from Cressida Cowell who wrote Wizards of Once – we’ve looked at her style of writing before and we loved how descriptive it was. Remember to get your pen and paper ready – she wants you to describe a new character!

10 min challenge

BBC Bitesize have a fabulous Design and Technology lesson about designing and working to a specification It looks at using nets to create a 3D model. There is a programme on Purple Mash which allows you to design a 3D structure and it makes the net for you so you can print off and make! I will set this as a 2Do for you if you want to use it following this D&T lesson!

As always, these are suggestions and don’t have to be done in any order – feel free to go back and do activities you might not have completed before. I love to see and hear about what you have been up to so you can always email

I forgot to include in our update yesterday (I knew I had missed something) that Lucy made a great slideshow about her VE day celebrations

Lucy VE Day slideshow

Yesterday Mackenzie made chocolate cupcakes and a lemon drizzle cake by herself – they look delicious!


Hope you all have a great day – Miss P

Class 5 Update

Hi Class 5

You have all been really busy and it has been difficult keeping up with sharing all your brilliant work but here we go:

Oliver made come cakes for his cousin’s birthday!thumbnail_image0

Lewis had great fun making the rocket and testing out how high it could reach

20200512_143651 20200512_143615

Some of us had fun with the paper aeroplane challenge. Lola discovered that the smaller wings flew further than the bigger wings. Daniel did a very thorough science experiment, making a hypothesis and testing it out with repeat readings, he then presented his findings on excel in a graph! Very impressive science skills 🙂


Planes thumbnail_IMG_0082

I have enjoyed reading your reports on people and things! Daniel wrote one about The Daleks from Dr Who, Lola gave me some information about footballers for Wolves and their pets, Mackenzie wrote about Boris Johnson, Oscar had written one about his dad, Ollie told me about the red arrows and the pilots and Lucy did a report on Captain Tom Moore. A big variety but all very interesting! 🙂

96510918_664401827727578_4766432874058481664_n 96513922_237924787490215_2202290011972304896_n thumbnail_Image

Doctor Who Report

Wolverhampton wanderers doggy day care[8578]

Mackenzie Report

Lucy had a go at the Art lesson from the other day but found that bubble wrap was hard to get a pattern from


Lucy has also been busy cooking again (I think it was shepherd’s pie this time), reading (she knows the author, how exciting) and designing and creating a model for a zoo!

96377528_581463849469068_3076163393959231488_n 96513781_2993666604043392_6030035015868350464_n 96591678_903688080106382_7793739589096570880_n 96678924_188936472191613_7451518836924219392_n

Oscar took part in today’s history lesson about the NHS and created this poster to show his new learning

thumbnail_Image (1)

Lola has done a brilliant job on the maths lesson today and also used the planning sheet to explain why cats and dogs are equal 🙂

thumbnail_IMG_0083 thumbnail_IMG_0085

And finally, Daniel doesn’t agree with Lola, he thinks cats are better and here is his argument:

Daniel Cats v Dogs

Amazing work Class 5 – you all blow me away with how incredibly hard you work!

Challenge of the day 13.05.20

Happy hump day Class 5! These weeks seem to be zooming by – just think you would have been nearly at the finish line with your SATS and you would have all been doing fantastically 🙂

I’ve heard a little rumour that I got a score of 0 on my grammar and punctuation test! Lets see if you can do better on the Silly Reasoning test – please remember that this is just a little bit of fun and not meant to be serious 😀


Today on BBC Bitesize there is an excellent lesson on debate writing – something we didn’t get chance to have a go at in class! Have a look through it and have a go at the activities. Once you are familiar with the format of arguing with facts and thinking of a rebuttal for a counter argument, write a debate argument for this question –
Which is truly better, cats or dogs?


You might want you use this planning sheet to help you think of 3 strong arguments for your debate with facts.


Can you present your argument to someone in your house? Have you convinced them? Did they have any counter arguments?
I would love to see your opinion with facts to back them up!

Year 6s – there is an excellent lesson on BBC Bitesize that will allow you to revise your knowledge of dividing fractions by a whole number (this was a tricky topic in our fractions learning and would be great to revisit)

Year 5s – you can have a revision of converting improper fractions in to mixed numbers here 🙂

I thought it would be fun to have a bit of a history lesson on the NHS as we are so thankful for it and know how important it is! Watch this video on the history of the NHS and if you want to present your learning in some way from this – perhaps a poster or a mindmap? You could create a rap or poem about the history 🙂

Remember to check on Purple Mash for activities, including the reading tasks with comprehension 2Dos linked to it.

You have all been extremely busy and I have received some excellent reports and other pieces of work that I will share with you later today!

Hope you all have a lovely day

Miss P