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Class 2 catch up.

Hey Class 2. Hope you are having a lovely half term and this gorgeous sunshine is just amazing!

I have a few photos from your home school learning activities, so I thought I would catch up and get us ready for Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend and I will see you on Monday morning with your new activities!

Well done to Gabriella who has completed all the Purple Mash activities this week, as well as following her Grandma’s recipe for gingerbread and making sorbet. Looks yummy! Super postcards from our seaside theme work too.

Great work from Joshua, as always. He has been busy coding on Purple Mash and has completed the family maths challenge.

Lilly May has been stepping back in time and has been using a typewriter to do some work, as well as being a fabulous mathematician.

Gabriella Gabriella1 Gabriella2 Joshua Lilly Jay5 Lilly May Lilly May1 Lilly May2 Lilly May3 LillyMay4 LillyMay5 LillyMay6

Home learning activities for Friday 22nd May

Hurrah for Friday and breaking up for half term too! Fingers crossed for some lovely weather for us all to enjoy.  I just want to say that I am so impressed with all your home school learning. You have been amazing and I am one very proud teacher. Your parents/carers and you too have done so well and it has been fantastic to see the photos and updates. I can see from your photos that so many of you have grown so much taller since I last saw you, and I know you have learnt so many new things too and I cannot wait to be able to talk to you about all these wonderful things you can do.

Have a wonderful week off with your families. See you soon!


Puzzle for the day!

Time to unleash the big Suduko puzzle!  I will post the answers at the end of the day tomorrow but remember the rules from earlier this week if you need to check again.


Maths Challenges

Year 1 and 2 should be able to complete questions 1 and 2. Feel free to have a go at the others with adult support.


Purple Mash activities – remember to check in and complete your purple mash activities from this week.

Afternoon challenge………







go and have some fun with your family!




Home learning for Thursday 21st May

Good morning Class 2. Another sunny day for us to enjoy so make sure you get to spend some time outside playing and having fun.

Here are your suggested activities for today.

Puzzle (answers are at the end of the link)


Maths. The videos to accompany the work can be found on week commencing 11th May on:

Year 1:



Year 2:




Continue to work through the pack from Monday’s link.


Log onto Bug Club and complete some of the reading activities on there. If you need your log in details, please contact me on

Afternoon activities – have fun!

Have a great day,

Mrs Horton


Home learning activities – 20.5.2020

Good Morning Class 2. The sun is shining and it’s going to be a great day. Have a fabulous day of home learning and don’t forget to share your wonderful work. It doesn’t have to be the learning activities but other things you are doing too.

Puzzle – another version of Suduko for kids. (Answers are attached at the back once completed)



Continue to work through the writing pack from Monday.

Maths – all teaching videos to accompany the worksheets can be found on the White Rose Home learning webpage under week commencing 11th May. Link:

Year 1 –  subtraction



Year 2 – subtracting 2 digit numbers.




There are also some activities to be completed on Purple Mash. Have a great day!



Home school activities – Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Class 2. The weather is supposed to be getting warmer today, so let’s hope the sun comes out and we can get out into our gardens or out for a walk.

Here are the suggested activities for today. There are some activities on Purple Mash too if you want to head over there. Also, Bug Club is there with a range of books and activities to complete.

Remember to email some of your activities to and I can share them on our class pages. Have a super day, whatever you choose to do.

Puzzle for Tuesday

Sudoku for kids. kid-easy-medium-1

You may want to watch this explanation video before starting.

Maths – Year 1



Maths – Year 2



Remember that the videos are available to link with the worksheets can be found on under week commencing 11th May.

Reading Comprehension

As I sit at my dining room table working, I can see out into my garden. I have a lot of birds at the moment, so it gave me the idea of finding a reading comprehension to learn more about the birds that visit our gardens. Choose your level of challenge and the answers are attached to the back of each challenge level.



Last week, Ffion made her own bird feeder. When I spoke to her mommy last week, she told me that the birds had really enjoyed the seeds on her feeder as they were all gone! Here are the instructions for you to make your own bird feeder at home too. See what birds you can spot in your gardens.

Have a great day with your home learning.



Monday 18th May – Home learning activities.

Good morning Class 2. Hope you all have had a lovely weekend with your families and managed to get outside in the fresh air. Well, here we go…. another week of home school activities. Pick and mix your activities and don’t forget to ask your grown ups to email photos into for our class round up and sharing of work / activities completed throughout the day/week.

Phonics – Year 1. Remember to check in daily with the Letters and Sounds phonic sessions.

English – Writing. The packs are designed to be a week’s worth of grammar, spelling, reading comprehension and punctuation work leading to a long write at the end of the week.

Year 1: Y1-Sayeeda Writing for the week

Year 2: Y2-Rainbows Writing for the week

Maths: The videos to accompany the worksheets can be found here: (scroll down to access w/c  11.5.2020) 

Year 1:  Lesson-1-Add-by-making-10-Y1

Answers: Lesson-1-Answers-Add-by-making-10-Y1

Year 2 Videos (scroll down to access w/c  11.5.2020)

Year 2: Lesson-1-Add-and-subtract-10s-Y2


Science: Create a rainbow.

Why not have a go at creating your very own rainbow in your house.



Have a fabulous Monday!






Class 2 suggested activities for Tuesday 5th May 2020

Good morning Class 2. Happy Tuesday and another day at home school. You are doing a great job, so keep going and most importantly, keep smiling!  There are a lot of activities attached. Pick and choose the ones that suit you most today; you can always come back and select another activity if you want. Have fun!

Puzzle of the day –  Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday

There are 3 wordsearches on the theme of the seaside.



Year 1:  Today you will be creating equal groups. This is a consolidation and review session from earlier in the Spring term. What can you remember about identifying and creating equal groups.



Year 2: Ordering length.

There is a video attached to this learning for children to watch. Here is the link:  You will need to scroll down to Week Commencing 27th April and click on the link and then it is lesson 2.




Our theme is  the seaside this week. I have attached a Power Point about human and physical features of the environment. Remember that human features are man made, whilst physical features are natural. Can you find the human and physical features at the seaside?

Geography Seaside Powerpoint

At the Seasidesheet –


Yesterday, you might have started exploring the seaside from your experiences, your parents and your grandparents.  I have attached a sheet which will allow you to record what has changed and what has stayed the same.



Another reading comprehension based around the seaside. Again, choose the most suitable level.


Monday 4th May activities for the day.

Hello Class 2. Happy Monday! Hope you have had a good weekend. I have planned a theme for this week…. the seaside!  As we won’t be able to visit the seaside for a while, I thought we could bring the seaside into your homes. There are loads of activities on Purple Mash which will be released each day on the theme. Do your best. If you can’t manage everything, that is okay.  Remember you can contact me anytime on our email Have a great day!

Puzzle for the day:

spot the difference

Maths for today:

Year 1: Consolidation of previous learning in class. Children will be counting in groups of 10.



Year 2:




There are 3 levels of reading comprehension about seaside holidays from the past. 1 * is the easiest, 2 ** is mid range, and 3 *** is a challenge.




Link for the website:


We will be using the KS1 historical objective of changes within living memory focussing on the Seaside. This is a great opportunity to chat with your parents about their experiences of seaside holidays and then maybe have a chat with your grandparents or someone older than your parents about their experiences of the seaside. What is the same and what is different?  There is a video which explains each part of the theme. You don’t need to watch the video all in one go and will need to come back when you are ready for the next task.

The worksheets to support the activities can be downloaded from here.(I wasn’t able to upload the files)

Home learning work – Friday 1st May

Happy new month! Last day of the week and the weekend is almost here. Hope you have had a fabulous week at home. The weather forecast for the weekend looks okay, so hopefully you can get outside and have some play time.

Don’t forget to send me photos of your work and I’ll add them onto our class pages. It is so lovely to see all the wonderful things you are doing at home. If there is anything I can do to support learning at home, I am more than happy to locate resources for you to use. Just email me on

Puzzle of the day:


Maths work

Year 1: Today you will be looking a capacity and comparing different containers for the liquid. You might to explore further with water and different containers at home. Have a look to see what 250ml of water looks like in different containers. Explore how many cups it takes to fill different containers.


Answers: Y1-Spring-Block-4-ANS6-Compare-capacity-2019

Year 2: Challenge questions to explore Answer questions 1, 2 and 3 only.



Continue to explore working through the booklet.



Catch up news – Thursday 30th April

Last day of April but you are busier than ever! Some great things going on with your home learning. I have really enjoyed seeing your photos and hearing all the wonderful things you have been doing. Parents and Carers, you are doing an amazing job, so well done.

Jack has been busy cooking with his brother – that trifle looks delicious!

Well done to Lilly May, who has been busy with her maths today and has also designed a beautiful medal to commemorate VE day next week.

Ellie and Lilly May have produced some beautiful work on Captain Tom.

Evie has been busy solving the puzzles and also completing some fractions work.

Amaya has been super busy with the writing pack, maths and found some time to perfect her baking skills too.


Maths 29 April060 Maths2 29 April061 Lilly May Lilly May medal Lilly May Maths1 Lilly May Matha Jack Jack 3 Jack 2 Jack 1 Evie Ellie H Amaya Amaya puzzle Amaya maths Amaya cooking

Keep up the great work Class 2! I am really proud of you.



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