Challenge of the day 20.05.20

Good morning Class 5. Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine we have back!

Here are the answers for yesterday’s challenge – well done if you got it!

thumbnail_IMG_0099 20200519_104034

Here is today’s puzzle – send in your solutions if you want


I have loved reading all of your writing about the animals in the Olympic sports! They have made me giggle and I will share them all at the end of the week when we have finished 🙂 Today I would like you to think about whether you will include any speech in your short story – will the animals interact with each other? What might they say? Can you use it to make the action move forward? Think about when they will be talking to each other and write that little part of your story – remember to try not to make it all speech and add some description in between the speaker! Can you remember the rules of speech?

DirectSpeech2 speech

Have fun – make it as silly as you like!

Bitesize have a fab lesson on dividing decimals by whole numbers today – this is revision on what we did before we left school, so have a go 🙂

There is also an interesting Science lesson on magnets today on BBC Bitesize, there is a practical activity that you can do with it too

Why not have a go at this art lesson that shows you how to create optical illusions and use shadowing? I’d love to see your results!

Most importantly – get yourself outside, enjoy the fresh air and get moving! 🙂

Have a lovely day everyone – Miss P