Challenge of the day 25.03.20

Hi Class 5, hope you are all very well!

How did you get on with the hidden word puzzle yesterday? The answers were:word puzzle 1 answers

Today’s challenge includes using your knowledge of BODMAS and some problem solving! This one is going to be tricky so try not to give up and keep at it. Note down your attempts – these might help you in finding a solution 🙂


Use all of the numbers and some of the symbols to create a calculation that equals 100. You can put numbers together to make a larger number, for example 53 or 127. Don’t forget the order of operations in BODMAS. Can you find a solution where the numbers stay in numerical order?

If you’re looking for even more problem solving, have a go at this Ted Ed riddle which involves finding out the scores from a dragon jousting competition using only bits of info! It’s really tricky, but the answer is included in the video and explains it very well! Pause it at 2:09 to have a go at solving it 🙂

I am sure you have all seen that Carol Vorderman’s Maths Factor website is now free, this is an excellent resource for maths, however they are experiencing high volumes of visitors and I have not successfully logged on to it yet – keep checking and access when you can. Keep checking on Purple Mash – I am setting and marking work for you to be completing in Science and will be adding some Geography work too!

If you’re looking for something to bring a smile to your face, Edinburgh Zoo have some webcams of animals (my favourite are the penguins) and you can find these here

It is important to spend time relaxing too during this uncertain time. I have started some colouring in and doodling and find this has helped. If you want to have a go at some art to relax, why not try :

or having a go at these doodling activities

Also – I have enjoyed seeing that you are keeping yourselves active! Here is Lucy taking advantage of the beautiful weather and playing pyjama basketball and football to keep active! 😀

Lucy PE 2 Lucy PE 3 Lucy PE

Take care – Miss P