Class 1 activities for the day

Good morning class 1!

Here are today’s suggested activities:

For phonics, please don’t forget to head to YouTube at these times to watch the daily phonics: Letters and Sounds video.

Reception: 10.00 am and then again at 11.00 am if you still need blending support to read cvc words i.e. map and cat

Year 1: 10.30 am

Then I have a yes or no question sort for you to do. Year 1 questions are on the left and Reception questions are on the right. Can you read the questions as independently as possible and sort between which ones have a yes or a no answer.

Yes and no questions

For Year 1 Literacy and Math’s activities, please head to BBC Bitesize.

Maths is recognising coins:

Literacy is writing a counting poem:

For the Reception children, I would like you listen to the story: ‘Pirates love underpants’.

Can you discuss these questions?

  • What was the story about?
  • What happened in the story?
  • How did they get the golden underpants?
  • What happened to wake the pirates up?
  • Why couldn’t the pirates catch up?

Then I would like to have a go at writing some speech bubbles for the pirates. Think about the pirate language that you learnt yesterday. Can you have a go at sounding out and writing the sounds you hear?

pirate speech bubbes

For maths, please can you practice counting and matching numerals to amounts, by playing this game:

For afternoon activities, have a go at learning about the 4 seasons of the year:

Also why not have a go at learning some pirate shanty songs. These are songs that the pirates would sing whilst out at sea.

See if you can sing along too!

Enjoy your day!

Miss Latham