Class 1 activities for the day

Happy Wednesday Class 1!

Here are today’s suggested activities:

For phonics, please don’t forget to head to YouTube at these times to watch the daily phonics: Letters and Sounds video.

Reception: 10.00 am and then again at 11.00 am if you still need blending support to read cvc words i.e. map and cat

Year 1: 10.30 am

For your reading activity, I would like you to log onto phonics bug and select a book to read. Can you also answer the follow up questions.

For Reception children’s Literacy activity, I would like you to have a go at making a medal to wear. Can you write on it something that you are proud of achieving this year. It could be your reading,writing, counting, art work…whatever you feel proud of.


You can then decorate the front however you would like!

For maths, please can you have a go at this fruit splat subtraction game. Select level one:

Year 1 children, you will need to head over to BBC Bitesize for the daily Literacy and Maths lesson.

For the afternoon activity, have a go at creating a seaside/beach collage. Choose lots of resources from around your house including wrapping paper, fabric or sticks. Here are some ideas:


Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham