Class 1 activities for the day

Good morning class 1!

Here are today’s suggested activities:

For phonics, please don’t forget to head to YouTube at these times to watch the daily phonics: Letters and Sounds video.

Reception: 10.00 am and 11.00 am

Year 1: 10.30 am

Then have a go at this buried treasure word sortig activity. Read the words and decide which ones are real (treasure) or rubbish words (bin). Year 1 words are on the left and Reception words on the right.

Buried treasure 2 buried treasure

Year  1s, please head to Bitesize. For literacy today, you will be learning to read sight words and write questions.

For maths, you will be ordering numbers to 100.

Reception, children for maths, can you have a go at learning about odd and even numbers. Follow the link for teaching videos:

Then have a go at sorting the numbers into the correct group, depending on whether they are odd or even.


For your afternoon activity, I’d like you to learn about pirates. Can you watch this video to learn some pirate lingo.

Then have a go at creating a pirate mask using materials you can find around your house.

Can you then use your mask and new pirate language to role- play being a pirate?

Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham