Class 2 catch up Wednesday 20th May

Hope you have enjoyed the beautiful sunshine today Class 2. Here is a round up of the wonderful work you have been completing at home.

Austin has been busy making a bird feeder for his garden and already has had a visitor! Lilly May has been busy working on her maths and doing a fabulous job too.

Evie has been super motivated today with her maths, writing and solving Suduko puzzles.

Amaya has been busy with her maths, English and has also made her own JoJo Bows too – fabulous!

Well done to everyone for their super work.

Amaya 1 Amaya Amaya2 Amaya3 Amaya4 Amaya5

Austin bird feeder making Austin bird feeder

Austin Lilly May 2 Lilly May Lilly May1 Sayeeda 2106 Sayeeda 3107 Sayeeda 1105 Sudoku104