Class 2 home learning – Friday 3rd July

Good Morning Year 2! Happy Friday! Have a wonderful day and if you would like to share some of the activities for our class pages, please email


Arithmetic. Have a go at the arithmetic questions. You can time yourself for 20 minutes or you can complete them at your own pace. The answers are attached at the back for you to check afterwards.



Finish writing the story of the clock tower. Read through your work and edit and correct where you need to. You could type up your story and include an illustration.


Choose your challenge on today’s reading comprehension activity.



Mat 5


Science: Materials – explorify –

Design a sports kit activity – perhaps choose one sport and talk about how the person using the kit would need to be able to move and how the material would need to be – write these criteria down then design how the kit would look.

Have a wonderful weekend. Keep safe!

Mrs Horton