Class 2 Home learning – Monday 29th June 2020

Good morning Class 2. Welcome to a new week of home learning. I have enjoyed catching up with your parents on the telephone about what you have been up to with your activities at home. I am missing you lots and I know you will have grown so much taller from the last time I saw you.  I hope you had a lovely weekend with your families. Here are your activities for home learning today.  Please send your photos of your learning and anything else you have been up to (it would be great to share all the wonderful things you have been doing) on

Maths – measuring in grams

Videos to support today’s learning can be found here:

You could use the weighing scales at home and practise measuring different items in grams. What was the heaviest? What was the lightest?

When you are complete, here is another activity you could complete: Measuring grams

You may want to log into Mathletics and complete the activities on measuring. I will check in during the week to see how you have done.

Reading Comprehension

Choose your challenge and answer the questions to the text. Answers are attached at the back of each challenge.

Y2 Knights and Dragons


Can you revise the different parts of spelling, punctuation and grammar and complete this activity mat?

Mat 1


Create a story mountain of the film story ‘The Clock Tower’ What are the key points of the story?

Story Mountain


History – Who was Mary Seacole?


Follow the link and read about the life of Mary Seacole who lived more than 150 years ago and had an adventurous life travelling across many lands to run businesses and help people in need. During the Crimean War, Mary travelled to care for wounded and sick soldiers. Who else do you know helped soldiers in the Crimean War?

Create a fact file about the life and works of Mary Seacole. Think about the work that she did and compare it the work of Florence Nightingale. Who do you think made the biggest impact on nursing at that time? What evidence can you give for your thinking?

Have a super day with your home learning. Remember to email work and all your other activities to