Class 2 Home Learning Thursday 2nd July

Good morning Year 2! Hope you are all having a great week. Here are your activities for today.


Please click on the link and follow Year 2 for today’s learning on measuring millilitres.


Using the story mountain from Monday, write the story for the Clock Tower. You can write in either 1st person (you are the girl in the clock tower sharing your story) or in 3rd person (you are the narrator, telling the story of the girl). Use the expanded noun phrases you have created and you could even use the descriptive work from yesterday to help you. How will you start your sentences? Can you included adverbs.  I have included some word mats to help support your writing.


Sentence openers


Can you complete the spelling, punctuation and grammar skills mat?

Mat 4

Reading Comprehension

Choose your challenge for today. Will it be a 1 star, 2 star or will you be super charged with 3 star?



Bonjour Class 2! When you start in Year 3, you will begin learning French. How exciting! Use this Bitesize activity to help you get started on your language journey.

Have a super day and remember to send any photos to share on our class page to

Mrs Horton