Class 2 Home learning Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Year 2. Here is your learning links for today. Remember to email any photos of your learning and other activities, so that we can create a collection of all the lovely things you are completing at home.


Please follow the link to find videos and activities for today’s revision learning on measuring in kilograms in the Year 2 section.


Today, you will be creating expanded noun phrases to describe the scenes from the Clock Tower. I have attached a selection of nouns (names / objects) and adjectives (describing words) to help you get started but if you can think of your own too, that would be brilliant.

Nouns and Adjectives

Watch the video to help remind you about how expanded noun phrases are created and then have a go at writing your own.

Remember to use a comma between the two adjectives to separate them.


Can you remember the different spelling, punctuation and grammar rules and apply them into the problem solving mat?

Mat 2


Choose your challenge and read through the extract before answering the questions. The answers are printed at the back of each challenge.

Y2 A tale of two feathers

Afternoon activity – Art

We are looking at the work of Eduardo Tingatinga as part of our geography work on Jungles and Rainforests. Have a look at the Power Point of his work and explore replicating your own version of this style. What colours will you use?


Have a wonderful day! Remember to email on so we can share the fabulous work you have been doing.

Mrs Horton.