Class 2 Home learning – Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Year 2! Welcome to July. Happy new month!

Hope you had a great day with your home learning yesterday. I am looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful things you have been doing at home on

Here is your learning for today:


Click on the link for BBC Bitesize to find the learning videos and activities for comparing volume.


Yesterday, you created expanded noun phrases for the film ‘The Clock Tower’. I would like you to take these sentences and put them into a setting description. Here is a WAGOLL for you to use to help structure your own writing.

Curiously, the beautiful, dancing girl left the clock tower to go and have a closer look at the colourful balloons, but once she arrived outside, the bright and colourful town had turned a miserable shade of grey. Her joy at the spectacle from her window had made her smile, but now she felt sad and tearful. What had changed? Why had everything changed? She wanted to talk to somebody and have those questions answered, but all around her the happy people were frozen to the spot. Balloons were still in the darkened sky around her but had stopped mid-flight. There once bright colours were now a steely metal colour.


Choose your challenge for today’s reading comprehension.

Y2 Explorers

SPAG work

Practise your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills on today’s activity.

Mat 3


This term, we are looking at jungle life. Read through the slides to learn about where jungles can be found in the world and then choose the activity you would like to complete. You can cut the flags out and glue them onto the map and find out the different types of jungle in those countries. You could complete the challenge cards.

Lets go to the jungle Geography Slide1

Lets go to the jungle Geography Work1

Have a great Wednesday!

Mrs Horton