Class 3 activities 30.06.20

Good morning Class 3! I hope you have all had a great start to the week and I look forward to hearing more from you all about what you’ve been up to!

Here is Olivia’s super-duper timeline of the history of the Maya’s! And here is Olivia standing next to her sunflower – which she planted on March the 20th- how amazing! It’s safe to say they have both grown taller! I bet you have all grown so much too!

oliviatimeline oliviagrown

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Literacy: Newspaper report.

Moving on from yesterday’s practice on using quotes. Today I would like you to practice using expanded noun phrases.

A noun is a person, object or place. These can be described by an adjective to write expanded noun phrases.

Can you write a series of expanded noun phrases about things you see in your garden?

Year 3: Use two adjectives before the noun, with a comma between them. For a challenge, then use verbs (doing words) and adverbs (ly word to modify the verb) to further expand your sentence. Have a look at the year 4 task if you want more of a challenge!

Year 4: Use adjectives, verbs and adverbs, then add some ambitious vocabulary such as alliterations and similes to excite the reader!

Maths: If you haven’t already – check out the activities I have set you on Mathletics – I have set some year group specific place value activities for Friday but do not worry if you do not finish – I would love to hear feedback on how well you get on with it so I can adjust the amount of activities I set accordingly.

Year 3 bitesize lesson for today: Recognizing 3D shapes

Year 4 bitesize lesson for today: Comparison – sum and difference.

Afternoon activity: Geography: Where does our food come from?

For this afternoon’s activity, I would like for you to split your page into four, and label an advantages and disadvantages quarter for ‘Local food and ‘Imported food’. You will need to research the advantages and disadvantages for each. Here are some websites that may be of help:–disadvantages.html

Exercise activities:

Please see below for ideas for different exercise activities that you can use daily:

P.E with Joe Wicks:

Dance with Oti:

Cosmic kids yoga (themed yoga/guided meditation):

Have a great day Class 3! Miss Howell 🙂