Class 3 home learning 13.07.20

Good morning Class 3! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend in the sunny weather we’ve had!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Summer had fun practising her measuring skills, and created her Maya-style mural using Lego which is so creative!

summermeasure summerlego

Alice made a poster with her sister about all of the fascinating rocks she has found during her time at home – she has researched the properties of each type of rock she has found!


Olivia has written a magnificent explanation text about the possible reasons the Maya civilisation disappeared!

oliviamaya3 oliviamaya

Today’s learning: Literacy – Advertisements:

This week you are going to work towards writing an advert, persuading the reader to live in the Maya civilisation!

For today’s task, I would like you to research what advertisements are and how they use ‘persuasive language’ to persuade the reader to buy a product/service.

I would then like you to have a go at using persuasive language yourselves, advertising something you know a lot about – e.g. your favourite game/toy.

Maths: This weeks’ mathletics work is based on written methods of addition and subtraction including measures for year 3 and for year 4 it is based on multiplying and dividing.

Year 3 BBC Bitesize: Comparing capacity

Year 4 BBC Bitesize: Symmetry

Afternoon activity: History: The Maya Civilisation

For this afternoon’s activity, you are tasked to do a comparison of the Ancient Egyptians, and the Maya civilisation. As you have been learning about the Maya, I’m sure you will have noticed some similarities in some of the things the Egyptians did from our lessons in class, to what the Maya did also. You may want to split your page into two sides to write down the differences, and then also write a separate list of the similarities – it is up to you how you present your work – but make sure you have clearly noted down similarities and differences between the two civilisations. Here are some websites that I think will help you:

Suggested daily exercise activities:

P.E with Joe Wicks:

Dance with Oti:

Cosmic kids yoga (themed yoga/guided meditation):

Have a great day! Miss Howell 🙂