Class 3 home learning 14.07.20

Good morning Class 3 – I hope you had a good day yesterday!

Let’s see what you’ve been up to!

Jasper has been busy typing up a super advert for people to be persuaded to support Arsenal!


Zak is persuading people to try football! I think there is a theme going on! 🙂


Literacy: Advertisements:

Today you are going to practise using imperative verbs (or bossy verbs) to help persuade!

Read through this information on imperative verbs:

Can you use sentences starting with imperative verbs to persuade the reader to buy any one of these interesting products such as an egg cuber or a chopping board bird feeder? Or you may want to find an interesting invention to advertise yourself!

eggcuber birdfeeder

Maths: Please check mathletics for some activities set based on addition and subtraction/measures for Year 3 and multiplying and dividing for Year 4!

Year 3 BBC Bitesize: Add and subtract capacity.

Year 4 BBC Bitesize: Line symmetry: Complete shape.

Afternoon activity: Geography- Where does our food come from?

For this afternoon’s activity, I would like you to write a persuasive text, with the purpose of persuading someone to shop locally for their food as best they can. Use your previous research of the advantages and disadvantages of getting food locally, to help you write your persuasive text! You may want to present this in the form of a poster- with carefully selected headings/sub-headings/pictures to catch the reader’s eye and persuade them more!

Daily suggested exercise activities:

P.E with Joe Wicks:

Dance with Oti:

Cosmic kids yoga (themed yoga/guided meditation):

Have a great Tuesday! Miss Howell 🙂