Class 4 Home learning for Monday 29th June

Good morning Class 4. Hope you are all well and enjoying your home learning. Please find below details of your activities for today.  I am really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you have been doing at home. It will so lovely to fill your class pages with all the wonderful learning and activities you have doing, so please feel free to email me on


Writing packs. These packs offer a selection of activities which develop into a range of writing tasks throughout the week.

Year 4 – Impossibly Possible.


Year 5 Wizards and potions


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Activity mats to revise the different aspects of SPAG for each year group.

Year 4 Summer term 1 mat 1

Year 5 Summer Term 1 Mat 1

Reading Comprehension

Choose your challenge of 1 star, 2 star  or 3 star challenge. Answers are attached at the end of each challenge.

Year 4 75th Anniversary VE Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Year 5 Y5 Armed Forces Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Y4 – Data Handling

Please follow the link for the videos for Year 4 learning today. The activity for this lesson can be found here:

Y4 Maths – Data

Activity 2 Make a chart

Look around your home and find some data that can be shown using a bar chart, pictogram or table. Which would be the best way to show your data? For example, can you show the amount of knives, forks and spoons in the drawer? What would be the best way to show the colours of your pens and pencils? What are the pros and cons of using the different ways to visualise the data? You could show your data using Purple Mash.

Y5 – Angles

Watch the video about angles. Can you answer the questions on the maths section? If you don’t have a protractor at home, then you can name the angles on the sheet. However, if you do, then please write the names of the angles and what they measure.

Y5 Naming and measuring angles

Science (Light – investigation on shadows)

Use the Bitesize website to learn about light sources and how light travels

When an object passes in front of a beam of light, the light can be blocked and makes a shadow. Opaque objects let no light through, translucent objects let some light through and transparent object let all light through. You are going to find out more about light and shadow by using different investigations. You can investigate:

  • How does an object’s distance from the light source affect its shadow?
  • How does the angle at which the light source shines on an object affect its shadow?
  • How does an object’s distance from the wall affect its shadow?
  • How does the translucency of an object affect its shadow?

Pick one of these investigations and write:

  • Title
  • Equipment List
  • What you are going to change (your variable)
  • What you are going to keep the same
  • Your prediction
  • Your results
  • Your conclusion

Have a super day of learning and remember to email any photos you would like to share with your class to

Mrs Horton