Class 4 Home learning Tuesday 30th June

Good morning Class 4. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and enjoyed the tasks. Here are your tasks for today. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing all your hard work on


Please follow the link to the BBC Bitesize page and follow the Y4 or Y5 link to find today’s maths tasks.

Year 4: Comparison, sum and difference

Year 5: Draw angles to 180 degrees.


Continue to work through the booklets from yesterday’s home learning tasks.


Choose your challenge in your year group. You will find the answers at the back of each challenge section.

Year 4: All About Doorstep Wildlife Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Year 5: Y5 Black History Month Ruby Bridges Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Continue to develop your spelling, punctuation and grammar skills.

Year 4: Year 4 Summer term 1 mat 2

Year 5: Year 5 Summer Term 1 Mat 2

Afternoon activity:PE

If you’re not able to get outside to run around try to get active inside. Try one of the Body Coach’s 8 minute workouts or try a fast paced super yoga

Once you have finished your PE work out – try and create your own work out of your choice with your favourite moves. You could do a high intensity work out like Joe Wicks, or research some yoga moves and make your own sequence, or create a dance for a song you like. Write down your workout – remember your warm up and cool down, these are really important to not injure yourself.

Have a brilliant day and please remember to email any photos of your work and other activities you have completed at home to

Mrs Horton