Class 4 Home learning – Wednesday 1st July

Good morning Class 4. Hope you had a great day of home learning yesterday. Here are your activities for today. Don’t forget to send any photos of your learning to either or and we can share the wonderful things you are doing.

Here are your activities for today:


Year 4: Please follow the link for today’s learning on line graphs.

Year 5: Please follow the link to the overview page. Click on Year 5 and this will take you to your learning on measuring angles on a straight line.


Continue working on your booklet of writing activities.


Choose your challenge for developing your spelling, grammar and punctuation skills.

Year 4 Summer term 1 mat 4

Year 5 Summer Term 1 Mat 3

Reading Comprehension

Choose your challenge of 1*, 2* or 3* texts and questions.

Year 4: Mythical Stories from Different Cultures The Story of Icarus (Ancient Greece) Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Year 5: Y5 Earthquakes Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Significant figures in history

Use the video from Mr T to learn about Cartimandua, The Iron Age Queen of the Brigantes

Read the letter below, sent from Caractacus to the Queen. Imagine you are Queen Cartimandua and write your reply to Caractacus – what will you say to him? Remember what she did to him, did she help? Look at some of the sentence and paragraph starters that Caractacus uses (As well as…I know that you think…) can you use sentence starters that link your ideas?

Dear Queen,

I am writing to you as we really need your help because the Romans are upon us. We need your army to march south to help us. If they don’t come, we will all die.

The Romans have already reached our lands and have killed so many people, including women and children. We think that over 5,000 brave tribe members have fallen beneath roman swords.

As well as destroying our people, the ruthless Romans have also taken our lands so we can’t farm any more. We have lost more than half of our land. This will mean all of our people will soon die of hunger. This is horrible!

Soon, the Romans will reach us and I fear that we too will be killed. Without your help this will surely happen. If you don’t help us, the Romans will take all our land before marching on to you. Of course, we will not be able to help you as we’ll probably be dead!

I know that you think that the Romans cannot be beaten but I know that they can. Yes – they do have fine weapons and armour, but they are still just men. My men have shown that if you are a brave fighter, the Romans can be killed.

Please come and help us now brave Queen. We really need you NOW!


Have a great day!

Mrs Horton