Class 5 Home Learning 01.07.20

Happy hump day and 1st of July Class 5! Hope you are all smiling and doing well ๐Ÿ™‚ It has been lovely to read your emails again and see what you’ve been up to.

How did you get on with the Mr Men challenge? Have a look at Ollie’s and Lucy’s attempts before I show the answers

Ollie answers mr men received_312010896627111

Here are the answers:

FB_IMG_1593239179823 (002)

For today’s challenge have a go at the crossword below, it uses spellings from the year 5 and 6 list so it should be good practise

crossword word list crossword

Email your solutions to me onย

For your maths lesson today we will continue looking at coordinates and translations with them. Watch the lesson below and complete the worksheet for it. Remember – if you are struggling with anything you can email me and I will try and give you a detailed solution with all the steps.

Lesson 3 – Translations
Lesson 3 Answers – Translations

Thank you for sending over your SPAG work from yesterday – I am impressed with how well you all did ๐Ÿ™‚ Have go at today’s SPAG mat, today I’ll let you pick which ability you feel challenged with (1, 2 or 3 stars)


Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mats Mat 2

Great job on your literacy work yesterday – so many fantastic descriptions of the picture of the unwanted visitor! Have a look at the writing from Lewis, Lucy and Rye, absolutely fabulous!

20200630_101003 20200630_101139 20200630_124026 received_598019861122189

Today we’re still going to use the same image of the giant, but now we are going to expand this in to the start of a story. First, think about these questions for the characters.

Do you think the trolls are friendly or do they pose a threat?

How will people feel about seeing the trolls?

How will the trolls feel about seeing people?

Where do you think the trolls have travelled from?

Why do you think they have come here?

How would you deal with the trolls if you had to?

After thinking about these questions start to create a storyline for the image. Are they parts of the Earth coming alive to get revenge? Are they interested in the tourists, do they want to make peace? The idea is up to you – now think about the events that follow what happens in the picture. Your story beginning should be quick paced and exciting for the reader, using description and action.Try and end your story starter on a cliffhanger.

Once you have got your story beginning idea – use this template on DADWAVERS to plan a range of exciting sentence starters.

dadwavers the unwanted visitor

In our Bubble we are doing lots of reading – we have done loads of comprehensions, read The Snow Spider and we are half way through Skulduggery Pleasant and loving it! What have you been reading recently? Let me know and we can share recommendations. Have a go at this comprehension about layers of the oceans, year 5s should have a go at the 2 star version and year 6s at the 3 star version, but as long as you challenge yourself have a go!

Layers of the Ocean Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

For this afternoon, why not continue your art work on Juan Miro and watch this lesson on automatic drawing.ย

Lewis has been enjoying his art work over lockdown, exploring with abstract paintings and style like Miro

20200626_101058 20200626_145533