Class 5 Home Learning 30.06.20

Happy Tuesday Class 5! Hope you’re all good 🙂

Here is the solution for the Sudoku from yesterday:

sudoku 28.06_LI

Here was Rye’s solution- well done!20200629_220304

In our Year 6 bubble the past few weeks, we have enjoyed completing some picture quizzes in the morning, including naming famous paintings, breed of dogs and chocolate bars. Have a go at this Mr Men picture quiz – can you name all of them? Send in your solution

FB_IMG_1593239137984 (002)

Have a go at your year group’s SPaG mat before starting your literacy work for today

Year 5 SPaG mat Year 6 SPaG mat

For our literacy today, we will be looking at using relative clauses and describing the image from yesterday. Remind yourself of what relative clauses are by visiting this website

Remember that for relative clauses that you can use commas, brackets and dashes.
Can you place the missing bracket in the sentence below for the relative clause?

The troll whose nose was the size of a double decker bus) sneezed, covering people in a blanket of green snot!

Can you write 3 more examples of a relative clause about the image? You can use these in your descriptive writing today.

Use your plan or mindmap from yesterday to write your own piece of descriptive writing. Use my model below to help you.

Rosy hues and blood orange painted the sky like a canvas. Looming overhead, ominous clouds threatened to shower its contents. It was the final sunset. Stones trembled and the air rippled as the colossal figure strode through the vast expanse of ocean as if it were only a puddle. The cliff crumbled like a biscuit as one of them crunched a meaty, clumsy hand the size of an elephant into the rock face. Bulging white eyes (which hid behind a bulbous nose) stared intently at the ant-like tourists fleeing in terror.

Can you write a detailed description a page long? Send me in your descriptions to share ideas!

For numeracy, we are continuing our look at coordinates, now looking at the 4 quadrants. Watch the video lesson below and have a go at the worksheet. I have also set some related tasks on purple mash

Lesson 2 – Four quadrants

Lesson 2 Answers – Four quadrants

For a geography lesson this afternoon head on over to this website to learn about what sustainability is and how it impacts decisions we make in the present. Listen to the lesson and answer the questions throughout the video. Take the quiz before the lesson and see if you can improve your score by the end of the lesson.

Also – why not test your knowledge on how many countries you can name in the world? We had a go at this quiz in our bubble yesterday and got 62, we are going to try and improve our score today Can you beat us? Let me know 🙂

Have a great day

Miss P