Class update – 19/05/20


What a busy few days it has been and since the weather is now turning nicer, a lot of you have been enjoying your learning outside!

Izzy has had great fun with her family building a massive tent in their garden! Tonight they are camping under the stars! Good Luck!

image1 7 image2 6 image1 8 image2 7

Lewis has built his own robot today, and then went swimming in his back garden after finishing his workout with Joe Wicks! What a brilliant robot Lewis! Well done!

image0 11 image3 5

Rosie has been busy mastering fractions, completing daily challenges thinking about her ‘Write a Laugh’ story too!  Well done Rosie – Keep it up!

IMG_20200519_093320080 IMG_20200519_093313180 IMG_20200519_093301531 IMG_20200519_093221999 IMG_20200519_093238498

Ben has also worked hard on his fractions and daily challenges too! Well done Ben!


George has been learning lots of new skills at home to help his mum and the environment. He has investigated how to grow vegetables from their scraps – starting with carrots, learnt about car maintenance checks and what goes where. He has also been cooking at home, including pizza and keeping both active and creative too! Well done George!

Brandon had super fun with the chocolate challenge – so much so that the family completed another one too! Keep it up Brandon!

20200517_120144 20200518_151248

In the Turner house, we have been preparing the pups ready for their new homes. Jack went yesterday, Cooper is going this evening and Lola, our little girl goes on Saturday. Murphy is staying with us!

Here is the last picture of all of them together! From left to right – Cooper, Murphy, Jack and Lola.

pups all

Have a good evening!

Mrs T 🙂