Here you’ll find a number of documents relating to our school governors and the running of our school. If you’d like to find out more about the individuals who make up our governing body, you can do that over on our governor page

Governors statement 2016_17

Governors statement 2015_16

Governor Attendance 2017_18

Governor Attendance 2016_17

Governor Attendance Record 2014-2015

Governors Statement 2014-2015


Name Business Interest Other Establishments Governed Relationships with staff/members of the governing body Date
Julie Francis none none J. Williams (cousin)  12.12.18
Neil Cole none none none  12.12.18
Katrina Lister none none none  28.6.18
Karen Pankhurst none none none  12.12.18
Sarah Chadderton  none  none none  12.12.18
John Williams none none J. Francis (cousin)  12.12.18
Adam Ames none none none 12.12.18
Julia Horton  none none none 12.12.18
Tim Davies none none  none 28.6.18
Chris Twine none none  none  12.12.18