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Think Ninja – Healios support during Covid-19


Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see the attached document  from Healios containing advice on how to support children during the current pandemic.

ThinkNinja and the Virus

The app, which is mentioned, is suitable for children aged 10 upwards, should you wish to access it, and is available on both Apple and Android platforms.

If you have any queries, please contact me by email

Mrs Turner


School arrangements for the next 3 weeks

For all those key worker parents with children attending school

School will be continue to be held at the local hub at High Ercall school as it has been over the Easter period.

Each day there will be either a teacher or a Teaching Assistant from Crudgington at the school so the children will have a familiar face each day.

There will also be a member of the school ( either High Ercalls or Crudgingtons ) SLT in attendance each day.

Any concerns or questions please email

Many thanks

Coronavirus wellbeing support

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find attached documents from the local SEND team which provide valuable information to help parents support children during these unprecedented times.

SEND ParentCarers Wellbeing Letter March– This document provides valuable advice to all parents about how to stay safe at home, and where to access support if you need it.  There are links on the final page of the update which you may useful for specific advice and support.

social story covid-19  – This document is a story about Coronavirus which is a good way to inform all children, including those with SEND about the virus in a child friendly way.  The booklet can be printed and shared with your children and provides an opportunity to explain how your child is feeling to support any diary they may be keeping.

Coronavirus-home-challenge – This document gives some very creative and mindfulness activities which can be completed at home during the current school closures from the ELSA Team.  If you click the blue link on the page, it will open full details about the challenge, my favourites include the jar of courage and the mandala wishes.

If you have any queries regarding SEND during this time, you can contact me through the school email address

Mrs Turner



Class 1’s suggested activity of the day

Good morning!

I hope your first day of home learning yesterday went well. Today’s suggested activity is to create a sliding moving picture of a dinosaur.

First, have a look at any of the picture books you might already have at home. Can you find any that have moving pictures i.e. pop up books? Investigate the books thinking about the following questions:


Think about which dinosaur you would like to make. Maybe research some of the different types. When you are ready to make it, you will need:

Felt tips/crayons/paint (whatever you have at home)

Once you have picked a dinosaur, carefully draw it on some card and decorate it using crayons or felt tips, then cut it out and attach it to the top of a long, thin piece of card.

Don’t forget to decorate your background. Use this picture to help you create your own dinosaur landscape.

download (4)

Your next step is to add your dinosaur into the slit.


Now you will be able to move your dinosaur across from side to side.

Can you create a story to go with your dinosaur? What adventure is he on?

Maybe change ‘We’re going on a bear hunt,’ to ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt’. What obstacles will you face on your dinosaur hunt? A burning hot volcano or a deep, cold lake?

Practice telling your story out loud or acting it out. Year 1s could even have a go at writing out their dinosaur story.

i.e. ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt. We’re going to catch a big one. We’re not scared. Oh no, a burning hot volcano! We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it. Oh no! We’ve got to go through it! Sizzle burn, sizzle burn, sizzle burn.’

Remember, this is only a suggested activity. Please don’t feel pressured to have it done by today. Maybe start it and dip back into it when you have time.


Miss Latham

Class 1 suggested activity for the day


Today’s suggested afternoon activity is to research the life of Mary Anning. She is famous for having found some of the earliest dinosaur fossils.

Watch this video about her life on Youtube:

Or download and read this free story about her life:


After watching the video or reading the story, discuss these questions together:

Why is Mary Anning famous?
What were her big discoveries?
Why wasn’t she respected?
Would we know dinosaurs existed if scientists like Mary hadn’t found dinosaur fossils?

Then have a go at making your own fossils:

Making a Fossil – CBeebies – BBC

download (3)

Have fun!

Miss Latham


Class 1 remote learning information

Good morning Class 1,

I’m very disappointed not to be seeing your smiling faces this morning, but I’m hoping you’re all keeping yourselves safe.

Day 1 of home learning and I’m sure that as parents, you are stressing over how to manage home learning whilst also trying to work from home, or trying to organise some kind of learning routine. I just want you to know, that you can only try your best. Some days will be better than others and that’s ok. You need to do what you find works for you and your family.

In the early days, you might find it helpful to arrange some sort of timetable or routine. Below is just a suggestion of how you can structure your day, but please feel free to change things to suit you.


Here are lots of great websites/ resources you can utilise for free, to help fill your days with a broad range of learning activities:

TTS activity books:

The TTS website are offering free workbooks, with a range of activities and learning ideas. They are broken down into EYFS and Age 5-7. Follow the link to download for free.


Phonics Play:

Phonics play

Phonics play is used a lot within school for phonics learning and has lots of fun games the children can play to consolidate their phonics and reading skills. They have now allowed free access to parents using these log in details:

Username: march20
Password: home

The website is broken up into phases. EYFS should focus on Phase 3 games, whilst Year 1s should focus on Phase 5 games.



Twinkl is a teacher’s best friend. Whether you need writing frames, number lines, colouring sheets or craft activity ideas, Twinkl has it all. This has also been made free to parents using the code: UKTWINKLHELPS

P.E. with Joe Wicks and Cosmic Yoga:

cosmic yoga



With limits put on our movements outside, it can be hard to get the exercise we need. To help the children burn off some energy, Joe Wicks is hosting a live PE session at 9.00am every morning on his YouTube channel, Cosmic yoga also has some fun activities which combine yoga and storytelling. I use these videos in class, so it will be a familiar activity for the children.

White Rose maths:

download (1)

As teachers, we use White Rose Maths to plan our maths teaching sequence. They have released 5 maths lessons, with accompanying teaching videos and resources. The plan is for them to release more in the coming weeks. All can be downloaded for free, by following the link:

Phonics Bug:

download (2)

I have now extended the range of books you can access on your child’s Phonic Bug account. Find their log in details on the inside cover of their reading log. If you haven’t got your child’s login, please email the office, as this is still being monitored. Reading every day with your child, even if it’s only for 5 minutes, will put them in the best position when we do return to school.



Audible has also made a huge range of stories available for children to listen too.

Other helpful links:

ICT games: Brilliant free maths and phonics games children can play to consolidate their literacy and maths skills.

Topmarks: Has a broad range of maths and phonics games, most of which can be played on an ipad.

LittleOwlsresources: Has a huge range of free resources you can download for EYFS learners.

100 ideas for activities you can do inside with your children:

I hope you find this information helpful. I will continue to add any more links I find, which I think will be of use to you.

Happy Learning!

Miss Latham


Breakfast and Wraparound Club


I have cancelled all club sessions on parent pay for the week for any parents who had not yet done this.

I f there are any further bookings can you please cancel these.

Thank you for your co operation

Enjoy your day and stay safe.

Letters to Nursing Home residents

Today each child will be coming home with a piece of paper and an envelope.

The idea is that each child can write a letter/draw a picture/send a happy message to those living in residential care homes who are not able to have visitors.

This idea has been implemented in other parts of the country and is very successful and welcomed by the residents in the Care Homes.

Many thanks

Key Workers – Please contact school

Those Parents/Carers who are Keyworkers please contact Mrs Cunningham in the school office as soon as possible today to advise if you require your child to come to school from Monday 22nd March onwards.

We require numbers so we can plan for staffing.

Many thanks for your support at this time

Friday – no uniform day- no contributions

Good morning all

On Friday the children can wear their home clothes to school for the last day before the school closes for the time being.

There will be no donations for this.

If your child would like to come in their uniform they are able to do this.

Many thanks for your continued support at this time