Today’s suggested activities

Happy Friday Class 1!

Today, we are going to be doing some recapping of our maths skills.

I would first like you to have a go at ordering and sequencing numbers, with this caterpillar number game:

caterpillar ordering

There are lots of options for this game, so you can make it as challenging as you would like. Reception children should practice with numbers up to 20, whilst Year 1 children should be looking at numbers to 100.

You could also have a go at this game, where you have to collect the numbers in the right order to grow your caterpillar and turn him into a butterfly:

caterpillar ordering 2

Or why not have a go at these tasks looking at one more and one less than a number. Reception children should focus on numbers up to 10, progressing to numbers up to 20 for more of a challenge. You will need some finger paint for these activities:

white rose caterpillar

Then see if you can have a go at these maths problems. Don’t forget, you can use jotting, pictures, or loose part resources to help you find the answers.

hung cat maths

Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham