Tuesday 19th May – Challenge of the day!


Good morning again – I hope you are all safe and well and ready for another busy day

Yesterday, you were asked to complete the ‘Bodies of Water’ crossword. Here are the answers for you. How did you do?

180520_Bodies of water answers

For todays challenge, I would you to have another go at a Sudoku. So many of you have said how you are enjoying these – so here is another one! Good luck!


Writing task –  This week, I would like you to have a go at trying to write a funny story in no more than 500 words – which you can then enter for the ‘A Write Laugh’ story competition. Full details can be found here A Write Laugh and in the poster below.


Yesterday, you looked at inspiration for writing from your own experiences, and today, your task is all about creating a funny or quirky character.

Task 2 – Create a funny character
A quirky character does really make a story more fun and interesting.  So, this task is all about creating your own quirky and funny character. The first part is about drawing or making your own character, and then writing notes about the characteristics of your character.  The notes can be done in many ways, they can be done around the character, or as notes. The choice is yours.

Remember, you don’t have a lot of words for your story, so you need to make sure your descriptions use show not tell and other devices we have learnt during the year.

Maths task –  Today, I would like you to have a go at the following four tasks.  You will need to complete your working out in your maths workbook.

Task 1 – How old is the teacher?

Maths challenge 1

Task 2 – The Tree Problem

Challenge 2 maths

Task 3 – The number problem

task 3

Task 4 – The Rectangle problem

task 4

Reading task – First News
Today, I would like you read the most recent copy of First News and then summarise the contents of the newspaper in no more than 20 bullet points. First News 15-21 May

ICT – Logo Commands
Over the last 6 weeks on Purple Mash, you have learnt how to use Logo commands to solve many different problems.  Today, I would like you to write about all the different Logo Commands you have learnt about and used in your problem solving.  You can access the completed problems in the own folder on Purple Mash, and you might want to organise your learning based on the problem you were solving. This can be completed in your workbook or electronically – the choice is yours.

If you want some additional ICT learning to do, have a look at Dance Mat Typing on BBC Bitesize – there are four different levels you can use to help to learn to touch type. This will be a valuable skill and a good way to learn touch typing too!

Don’t forget to keep on sending your updates to our class email class.fourteacher@taw.org.uk.

Have a good day!

Mrs T