Wednesday 20th May – Challenge of the day!


Good morning class 4 – we are halfway through the week again – and closer to ‘half term’!

Yesterday, you were asked to solve another Sudoku – how did you do? Here are the answers.


For todays challenge, I would like you to try another crossword – this one is all about The Solar System! Good luck!


Writing task –  This week, I would like you to have a go at trying to write a funny story in no more than 500 words – which you can then enter for the ‘A Write Laugh’ story competition. Full details can be found here A Write Laugh and in the poster below.


So far this week, you have looked at inspiration for writing from your own experiences, and created your own funny or quirky character. Today, is all about creating a hook and a plot.

Task 3 – A hook and a plot
This task is all about creating a hook and a plot for your story.  Taking inspiration from task 1 – today, you need to create a hook for your story.  Remember, the purpose of a hook is to quickly grab the readers attention and to make them want to read on!

Have a look at the ‘hook a reader’ examples below – these are similar to our ‘hook a duck reader’ we used in class earlier this year.

A hook

How will you grab the readers attention? You can write your notes and your hooks in your workbook – you may even want to record a few hooks and mind map around them how your ideas will develop with the hook.

Maths task – Fractions – Today, we are continuing with our fraction learning  – and focussing on ordering and comparing fractions. I would like you to watch the video on BBC Bitesize about  Ordering and comparing fractions.  Then, have a go at the suggested activities.

Reading Task – First News – Yesterday, Your task was to read First News and to summarise the news stories in no more than 20 bullet points.  Today, I would like to use First News again – focussing on the Special Report on page 11 – about Max and Keira’s Law,
Then, have a go at answering the following questions – using A.P.E where appropriate.
1 – What is Max and Keira’s Law?
2 – How will the law help with organ donation?
3 – Why did Max need to have an organ transplant and how was he helped before he received Keira’s heart?
4 – Who made the decision to donate Keira’s organs  and how many people has she helped?
5 –  Where can people find our more information?
6 – Summarise Max and Keira’s Law.

Topic and D& T task – Hillforts – interactive book
Today, you are going to be learning all about hillforts, and how the way people lived changed in the Iron Age. Firstly – have a go at sequencing the homes  in chronological order – Remember, that when sequencing you are looking at the order in which the homes would have been used.


Next, on Purple Mash, I have added a presentation all about Hillforts – read through the presentation and record notes in your workbook.

Then, read the information about  Danebury and Maiden Castle  and make further notes in your workbook on each of the hillforts.

Then, use this information to create your own interactive book about hillforts which will be used to inform people by using multi sensory flaps and pockets. Full details is in the powerpoint on Purple Mash!

Have fun making your interactive books – don’t forget to send your updates to our class email address

have a great day!

Mrs T 🙂