Activities for the day 20.05.20

Good morning Class 3 and happy Wednesday!

I’m glad you are enjoying the space theme so far – let’s see what you’ve been up to:

Flora created a beautiful spirally poem about the milky way!


Zak made a poster and a super cool piece of art based on the milky way.


Olivia also created a spirally poem – wow! Here is the space maths she also tried out and her wonderful milky way art!


Isla has put alot of time and effort into this brilliant poster!


Summer typed up her milky way research – well done for practising your typing skills! She has also made this very thoughtful poster to welcome Finley to our class! 🙂


Suggested activities for the day:

English/history: Can you research and write about the ‘Space race’ – research what the race to space was and who it was between, then you may want to choose to write an informational/explanation piece, or a news report!

Maths: BBC Bitesize 

Another maths space challenge:


Science: Choose a challenge to try out on the NASA Space Place website!

Have a great day class 3! Miss H