Apley Wood trip.

Class 1 had a fantastic trip to Apley Wood on Wednesday. We started the day by introducing our teddies to the rest of the class.

IMG_1252To make sure our teddies got returned to us if we lost them in the wood, we had a go at writing name labels for them.   IMG_1262IMG_1263

When we got to Apley Wood, we all sat down to enjoy our picnic with our bears. We had to be careful as lots of conkers were dropping from the trees.



When we were full, we went for an exploration in the woods. The children had to find and collect evidence of the signs of Autumn. We found lots of things such as, mushrooms, blackberries, red and yellow leaves, sycamore helicopters and conkers. We even found a Shropshire rock, which we made sure we hid in a different place.



IMG_1287   IMG_1292

When we got back to school, we had a look at and organised all the evidence we had found.

IMG_1304What a fun but tiring day we had!