Class 4 Sports Day

Whilst it is sad that we could not share a wonderful experience with parents, Class 4 had a great morning of sports.

Here are some photos of some of the races participated in.

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World Book Day 2021 – Book in a Box competition entries

Thank you to all the children who have entered the ‘Book in Box’ competition. I have really enjoyed looking at the imaginative and creative work in celebrating your favourite books. Well done on your hard work and taking the time to create your boxes.

Here are the entries:

Class 1

Sadie – Funnybones

Theo – The Faraway Tree

Class 2

Dylan – Beast Quest

Evie – Secret Garden

Class 3

Theo – Ice Monster

Daisy – The Owl who was afraid of the dark

Gabriella – Frozen 2

Class 4

Olivia – The House that sailed away

Zak – Tom Gates

Class 5

Lucy – Skullduggery Pleasant

Mara – Harry Potter

Grace – Gangster Granny

Well done to everyone!  Winners to be announced soon!!

Mrs Horton

Sadie - Class 1 Sadie - Class 1 2



















Theo - CLass 1 pic 2 Theo - CLass 1 pic 3 Theo - Class 1
























Dylan - Class 2 Dylan - Class 2. 2



















Evie - Class 2 photo 3 Evie - Class 2 Evie Class 2 photo 2





























Daisy - Class 3 2




Daisy - Class 3










Theo S - Class 3 pic 2 Theo S - Class 3














Olivia 1 Olivia 4 Olivia 8 OLivia 9 Olivia 10




























































Class 5






Mara - Class 5







Grace Class 5







Gabriella - Class 3

Book in a Box – Closing date on Wednesday 3rd March

It’s World Book Day on Thursday 4th March.

To celebrate the wonderful books that the children read and love, I posted a competition before half term to create a book within a box. We’ve had some lovely entries so far but it’s not too late to put your entry in.

Please send a photo of your ‘book in a box’ to before Wednesday 3rd March.



World Book Day – Thursday 4th March 2021

World Book Day is looking very different this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the wonderful books and stories that we enjoy.

We will be bringing different activities throughout the week to celebrate World Book Day, so please check out the class pages.

You can also log onto the World Book Day website, where there are lots of suggested activities to join onto. These range from live story reading from popular authors to suggestions for new reading books and colouring activities.

We look forward to celebrating World Book Day with the children.

Mrs Horton



Class 4 – Celebrations

Here are some of the wonderful things you have been up to the last few days. I have really enjoyed seeing the screen-free activities from yesterday – your explorer dens are amazing!

Well done to George, who has created some beautiful cross stitch this week.







Class 4 completed their History topic by becoming explorers in the Antarctic. They created voyage tickets, built a camp, made warm drinks, while observing the local penguin habitat. They also wrote a postcard home. Here are some of the explorers in action – Flora even took Buddy with her!

_20210211_171702 Olivia's den Olivia work Olivia ticks Martha Flora Flora 2 Flora 1 Bens den Ben Ben drawing

ZAK the explorer

Class 4 – Celebration of work.

Thank you for all your incredible work Class 4.  I thought it would be lovely to share all the wonderful things you have been doing at home, not only with your remote learning but with the other activities you have taken part in last week.  I was really impressed with the ‘Express Yourself’ work on Wednesday – some children designed clothes, others coloured their hair and some children expressed themselves through artwork.

Keep up the wonderful work Class 4 – I love to see what you have been doinVerityg.

Zak Zaine Dexter Ben Ben 2 Zak Zak art Verity Olivia Zak Summer Summer 3 Summer 1 Martha George Flora2 Flora Faye3 Faye Faye 4 Faye 2 20210204_080952 (1) 20210204_080833 (1) 20210204_080759

World Book Day – March 4th 2021 – BOOK IN A BOX COMPETITION

In 2021, World Book Day, just like everything else, will be different. As part of the celebrations of books and reading, I thought we could have class competitions for a ‘Book in a Box’ project. The idea is to take your favourite story and represent the story and characters into a box.

The closing date for entries will be March 2nd and the winning entry from each class will win a book voucher for Waterstones.

You can be as creative as you wish and help spread the word about your favourite books.

Once your story box is completed, please send a photo to

Here is one idea to help inspire your Book in a Box:

Directions for the Book in a Box Project:

  1. Choose a book and have fun reading it.
  2. Find a box approximately the size of a shoebox.
  3. Setting: Paint or colour the outside of the box so that it represents the setting of the book.
  4. Main Character: Put in three objects that represent the main character. (1 – to relate to his/her personality, 2 – what he/she likes to do, and 3 – what he/she looks like.)
  5. The plot: Put in five objects that represent what happened throughout the plot.
  6. The Main Problem: Put in one object that represents the central problem in the book.
  7. The Solution: Put in one object that represents the solution to the problem.
  8. Once you have decided on your objects, write, in your neatest handwriting, a list of each object in the box and then a clear explanation of why you put each in there. (What it represents).

For example, if you were reading There’s a Boy in the Girls Bathroom, you might do the following:

Main Character: Bradley Chalkers

  • A passion fruit – A passion fruit represents Bradley’s personality because he is both sweet and sour. In the book he started off mean and was a bully. This is the sour part. By the end of the book, with the help of a counselor, he started to be a sweet and kind boy that everyone liked.
  • A stuffed animal – Bradley liked to play with his stuffed animals. He pretended that they were his friends back when he didn’t have any friends. His sister would make fun of him for this.
  • One black & one green sock – Bradley never paid too much attention to what he wore. In fact one day he was so distracted that he wore two different coloured socks to school.

Here are some other examples to help inspire you:

book-in-a-box C57KGEFWAAIJvLQ images o_1e23gn24lnlbbqvjls1kiv1asjb Shoebox Book (Holes) Shoebox Book (The Tiger Who Came to Tea)

Have fun!

Mrs Horton