Super Maths problem solving in Class 5

This afternoon we have been working really hard in our Maths problem solving. We had a look at this problem together and discussed where we would start and what we could use to help us.

maths problem

We agreed that the most sensible way to approach this was in a systematic way and only change the smallest number each time. We decided we could use multilink, counters or even our tub of dried peas to help us. We immediately got stuck in!

IMG_2162 IMG_2164 IMG_2163 IMG_2161

Then we used our reasoning skills as to why 7 couldn’t be the largest number for the problem and got some great in depth answers!

Maths 3 Maths 2 Maths 1

Fabulous mathematical work Class 5 this afternoon 🙂

Class 5 16.07.20

Hi Class 5,

I’d just like to share a message to give a big thank you to you all. Thank you for all your hard work over the year and continuing to show resilience and dedication to your work. I have received so many unexpected kind words, lovely cards and gifts over the last few days and I can’t thank you all enough, I appreciate it all.

If you’re still hungry for learning, today I would like you to reflect on what has happened this year, how you feel, your thoughts and opinions on the situation. Once you have spent some time thinking – use this to write a letter to your future self for in a year’s time. Is there something you are worrying about? Would you ask your future self if you have achieved a goal you are setting yourself? Would you remind yourself of something that has happened now? Keep your letter somewhere safe and open it in a years time, it’s always interesting to see how much has changed.

Year 6s – I wish you the best of luck for your time in secondary school and the future. Have fun, be happy and work hard. I’ve attached a little letter to you below.

A Letter to the Leavers

Miss P 🙂

Class 5 Home Learning 15.07.20

Good morning Class 5! How are you doing? Nearly at the end of the year now!

Here are your answers for yesterday’s cake quiz:


For a bit of practice on time before the end of the year, have a go at this lesson on converting units of time

For your literacy work today, practice you SPaG knowledge of using possessive apostrophes and then using them in your writing by heading here for a lesson based around orangutans.

As we are coming up to the end of the school year, I’d like you to start thinking about all you have learnt this year (when you think about it, you’ll realise how hard you’ve worked!). What new things have you learnt? Can you create a bit of an escape room using questions about what you’ve learnt this year? They might be numeracy questions, SPaG questions, science questions or even history, it’s up to you! Get someone else to play your quiz – can they crack the code?

If you’re unsure how to start it, have a look at this example

Lost in the Forest – Answer Recording Sheet

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Colour

Send over anything you want to share to

Have a lovely day

Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 14.07.20

Happy Tuesday Class 5! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂

For a little fun challenge today, see if you can name all these cakes:


Feel free to send your solutions to

For maths today, head on over to the BBC Bitesize website here to complete a lesson on illustrating and naming parts of circles and understanding the relationship between radius and diameter.

For literacy today, complete this reading lesson on Chris Hoy’s inspiring guide to be your own champion here

Today, our bubble are competing in The Sock Olympics – a bit like sports day but with a pair of your own socks! Why not have a go at the events with us and record your scores 🙂

sock 1

sock 2

sock 3

sock 4

Or maybe you fancy a bit of cooking? Head on over to here to find some recipes for Indian-style snacks – yum!

I always love seeing what you’re getting up to – Lucy made a hedgehog house yesterday and completed her maths and 10 minute writing challenge 🙂

received_825025844694924 received_2341116349523851 received_3117916551635022

Have a lovely day – Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 13.07.20

Good morning Class 5! We’re in to our last week of home learning – I can’t believe how long it has been, but you’ve all been working super hard 😀

Today your maths lesson is looking at nets of 3D shapes Why not use your learning and create some 3D shapes from a net? Can you make a tower using your shapes?

Let’s have a go at a 10 minute challenge today Here. Have a go at the Philip Caveney challenge to create a new invention that benefits humanity. Remember to get your pen and paper ready!


Have a go at this reading comprehension, challenging yourself with the star rating

Dear Igor… Persuasive Letters Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

This afternoon have a think about this interesting science question: does colour affect taste? Have a look here for some guidance on how you might plan this investigation. Think about these questions:

  • How do we taste things?
  • Do you think colour matters?
  • How do you know if something will taste good?

How can you explore this question? What is your plan for the investigation? Here are some tips:

  • What will you measure, and how?
  • How will you record it?
  • What do you need to do to make sure you are accurate?

Have a go at your investigation – what have you found?

I know some of you have been excited about getting back to normal and having days out – but in the mean time, why not enjoy a virtual zoo day? At Chester Zoo. Get creative and either create a beautiful butterfly or build a hedgehog house WC-How-to-Hedgehog-House-A4

This is our last week of home learning and I’d love to see what you’re up to. Remember you can email me on

Here is some of what Lucy has been up to



Have a fabulous day – Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 10.07.20

Happy Friday Class 5! 😀 Hope you’ve all had a good week.

Today, head over to the BBC Bitesize website here to have a go at the maths challenge – remember you can send in your solutions to

Today you are finally writing your information text for your elf or sprite! Remember to write formally, to use technical words, to use sentence starters that link ideas and to structure your ideas in to the paragraphs planned. If you want to, include an image in your information text that you can link your writing to.

I’d love to see your pieces of work so send them over to me 🙂

Select your challenge for this reading comprehension t-e-2550524-uks2-influential-musicians-differentiated-reading-comprehension_ver_3

This afternoon, have a go at this music lesson that uses classical music from Ten Pieces

Hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 09.07.20

Happy Thursday Class 5 🙂 Hope you are well!

Today have a go at seeing how many words you can create using the letters below. Can you get the 9 letter word?


Year 5s, continue your maths learning on angles around a point Here

Year 6s, continue your maths learning on angles in polygons Here

For literacy today we will be creating our elf or sprite for the information text and planning for our writing tomorrow. Using the booklet, create your elf using activity 9, 10 and 11. In our bubble we have been thinking of lots of different ideas, such as an elf that forges paintings, a rainbow elf and elves that create dreams – how creative can you get? Next, read the text of the Forest Sprite and magpie any vocabulary that you would like to use. Finally, plan your writing for tomorrow – think about what subjects you will use for your paragraphs. Use activity 13 as a guide, are you going to add more paragraphs with different subjects? Remember that for your plan you use notes, bullet points and list of your ideas. Make sure it is full of ideas to make tomorrow easier.

Have a go at this reading comprehension, remember to pick the stars that will challenge you Moroccan Vegetable Tagine Healthy Eating Recipe

This afternoon have a go at some science, figuring out if these facts about the body are true or false


Thank you to everyone who has sent work to me on here are just some of the things sent to me: Lucy’s presentation on Transport, Rye’s comprehension work and Daniel’s next animation 😀


transport carols’ lesson

Have a great day

Miss Parsons 🙂

Class 5 Home Learning 08.07.20

Good morning Class 5!

Here are your solutions for the rebus puzzle yesterday


Here is your puzzle for today 🙂

salamander puzzle

For Year 6s your maths lesson today looks at angles in a quadrilateral Here

For Year 5s, your maths lesson looks at calculating angles on a straight line Here

Have a go at a SPaG mat before starting your work on the information text today. Pick the star rating that you think challenges you

Year 5 SPAG mat

Year 6 SPAG mat

So far in our writing we should have retrieved information about cave elves and created a word bank from what we have read. Today, have a look at activity 7 which explains the structure of the information text – are there any other paragraphs that you might include? What do you think the reader would be interested in? Perhaps information on diet, strengths and weaknesses? Or hobbies? Now move on to the next activity where you need to reorder the subheadings of the paragraphs – which order makes most sense? Lastly, have a look at the toolkit to help you get some ideas for your writing – this will be important!
Elves Class 5

Have a go at this comprehension about Mike Hall – pick the star rating that challenges you!

Mike Hall Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

This afternoon, try a bit of drama and responding to a stimulus on BBC Bitesize here. If you’ve got a good performance, send it over to

Some good news from our bubble – we finally managed to name all the countries in the world!! HURRAH! And with 2 minutes to spare! We’re now on to identifying all the flags of the world using this quiz.


Have a great day – Miss P 🙂