Be Kind – your update 01.05.20

birthday image

Happy Birthday to Hayden who celebrated his birthday on 29th April and to Alfie who has his birthday tomorrow – 2nd May! Hope you both had a good time celebrating your birthday!

Thank you to all of you who have done today’s challenge – to do something kind.

Paige has helped her younger sister with learning how to spell Telford, and has also been busy completing Purple Mash and reading Floodland.

IMG_7621 IMG_7619

Lewis has continued with his kindness and has done the hoovering at home today. Well done Lewis, you are being a great help at home. Keep it up!

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Brandon has also been helping his mum with cleaning and has drawn a lovely picture for his neighbour too.


Brandon has also completed his sport freeze frame art too, they all look fantastic! Well done !


I hope you all continue with your acts of kindness over the weekend!

Stay safe!

Mrs T 🙂