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February fitness challenge

Hi Class 4

I love exercise. It feels good to move my body and get stronger and fitter. I know  lots of you are out walking, or cycling with your families during lockdown, but I have found a fitness challenge which I thought might be fun for you.

Let me know how you go with each daily challenge. Are you a bronze, silver or gold award?

Feb challenge

Class 4 Music Soundscapes

Class 4 have been looking at soundscapes. They were given a picture and they then had to interpret what music they would compose to represent the image. Flora got composing and has produced this beautiful piece of music.


Zak has also composed his own piece.


Class 4 Environmental artwork

Class 4 have been looking at the work of Andy Goldsworthy, and other prominent environmental/nature artists from around the world. On Friday, the children were asked to produce a piece of artwork that gave out an environmental message that they were keen to spread the word on.  Here are some of the examples so far.  Can you identify what the messages are?

20210123_112334 20210123_134535 20210123_135004 Liam 1 Verity M art work Verity M collage

Class 4 Celebration of work – 20.1.21

Another fabulous day of remote learning for Class 4, which has resulted in some great work.


This week, we have been using DADWAVERS to support our descriptive work. We have been using different images to create some amazing work.

Ethan writing Tuesday Izzy writing 1 Olivia writing Verity MEthan writing Tuesday

Maths – we have been multiplying different number going up to 3 digits by 2 digits.

Izzy maths








Anya maths

Izzy maths 2

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