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Class 5 Home Learning 15.07.20

Good morning Class 5! How are you doing? Nearly at the end of the year now!

Here are your answers for yesterday’s cake quiz:


For a bit of practice on time before the end of the year, have a go at this lesson on converting units of time

For your literacy work today, practice you SPaG knowledge of using possessive apostrophes and then using them in your writing by heading here for a lesson based around orangutans.

As we are coming up to the end of the school year, I’d like you to start thinking about all you have learnt this year (when you think about it, you’ll realise how hard you’ve worked!). What new things have you learnt? Can you create a bit of an escape room using questions about what you’ve learnt this year? They might be numeracy questions, SPaG questions, science questions or even history, it’s up to you! Get someone else to play your quiz – can they crack the code?

If you’re unsure how to start it, have a look at this example

Lost in the Forest – Answer Recording Sheet

Lost in the Forest – Clue Cards – Colour

Send over anything you want to share to

Have a lovely day

Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 14.07.20

Happy Tuesday Class 5! Hope you’re all doing well 🙂

For a little fun challenge today, see if you can name all these cakes:


Feel free to send your solutions to

For maths today, head on over to the BBC Bitesize website here to complete a lesson on illustrating and naming parts of circles and understanding the relationship between radius and diameter.

For literacy today, complete this reading lesson on Chris Hoy’s inspiring guide to be your own champion here

Today, our bubble are competing in The Sock Olympics – a bit like sports day but with a pair of your own socks! Why not have a go at the events with us and record your scores 🙂

sock 1

sock 2

sock 3

sock 4

Or maybe you fancy a bit of cooking? Head on over to here to find some recipes for Indian-style snacks – yum!

I always love seeing what you’re getting up to – Lucy made a hedgehog house yesterday and completed her maths and 10 minute writing challenge 🙂

received_825025844694924 received_2341116349523851 received_3117916551635022

Have a lovely day – Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 10.07.20

Happy Friday Class 5! 😀 Hope you’ve all had a good week.

Today, head over to the BBC Bitesize website here to have a go at the maths challenge – remember you can send in your solutions to

Today you are finally writing your information text for your elf or sprite! Remember to write formally, to use technical words, to use sentence starters that link ideas and to structure your ideas in to the paragraphs planned. If you want to, include an image in your information text that you can link your writing to.

I’d love to see your pieces of work so send them over to me 🙂

Select your challenge for this reading comprehension t-e-2550524-uks2-influential-musicians-differentiated-reading-comprehension_ver_3

This afternoon, have a go at this music lesson that uses classical music from Ten Pieces

Hope you have a fantastic day 🙂

Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 09.07.20

Happy Thursday Class 5 🙂 Hope you are well!

Today have a go at seeing how many words you can create using the letters below. Can you get the 9 letter word?


Year 5s, continue your maths learning on angles around a point Here

Year 6s, continue your maths learning on angles in polygons Here

For literacy today we will be creating our elf or sprite for the information text and planning for our writing tomorrow. Using the booklet, create your elf using activity 9, 10 and 11. In our bubble we have been thinking of lots of different ideas, such as an elf that forges paintings, a rainbow elf and elves that create dreams – how creative can you get? Next, read the text of the Forest Sprite and magpie any vocabulary that you would like to use. Finally, plan your writing for tomorrow – think about what subjects you will use for your paragraphs. Use activity 13 as a guide, are you going to add more paragraphs with different subjects? Remember that for your plan you use notes, bullet points and list of your ideas. Make sure it is full of ideas to make tomorrow easier.

Have a go at this reading comprehension, remember to pick the stars that will challenge you Moroccan Vegetable Tagine Healthy Eating Recipe

This afternoon have a go at some science, figuring out if these facts about the body are true or false


Thank you to everyone who has sent work to me on here are just some of the things sent to me: Lucy’s presentation on Transport, Rye’s comprehension work and Daniel’s next animation 😀


transport carols’ lesson

Have a great day

Miss Parsons 🙂

Class 5 Home Learning 08.07.20

Good morning Class 5!

Here are your solutions for the rebus puzzle yesterday


Here is your puzzle for today 🙂

salamander puzzle

For Year 6s your maths lesson today looks at angles in a quadrilateral Here

For Year 5s, your maths lesson looks at calculating angles on a straight line Here

Have a go at a SPaG mat before starting your work on the information text today. Pick the star rating that you think challenges you

Year 5 SPAG mat

Year 6 SPAG mat

So far in our writing we should have retrieved information about cave elves and created a word bank from what we have read. Today, have a look at activity 7 which explains the structure of the information text – are there any other paragraphs that you might include? What do you think the reader would be interested in? Perhaps information on diet, strengths and weaknesses? Or hobbies? Now move on to the next activity where you need to reorder the subheadings of the paragraphs – which order makes most sense? Lastly, have a look at the toolkit to help you get some ideas for your writing – this will be important!
Elves Class 5

Have a go at this comprehension about Mike Hall – pick the star rating that challenges you!

Mike Hall Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

This afternoon, try a bit of drama and responding to a stimulus on BBC Bitesize here. If you’ve got a good performance, send it over to

Some good news from our bubble – we finally managed to name all the countries in the world!! HURRAH! And with 2 minutes to spare! We’re now on to identifying all the flags of the world using this quiz.


Have a great day – Miss P 🙂

Class 5 Home Learning 07.07.20

Good morning Class 5, I hope you’ve had a good start to the week so far 🙂

Have a go at this Rebus/Dingbats puzzle this morning, I know how much you enjoyed them before. Email in your solutions at


Our numeracy lessons today continue on looking at polygons for Year 5 and angles for Year 6. Look at the appropriate lessons below

Year 5 Identify 3D shapes from 2D representations

Year 6 Angles in triangles

In literacy, we will be continuing our work on information texts on elves. Go to task 5 in the workbook and listen to the things found in the Goblin’s knapsack – can you use the same format and write what you will find in a cave elf’s knapsack? Next, complete activity 6 and create your own word bank for effective sentence openers and useful words.

Elves Class 5

This afternoon, explore more in to surrealism art. We have already looked at Juan Miro, this lesson explore Paula Rego, Henri Rousseau and Salvador Dali. Once you have looked through the videos, have a go at the second activity. Share your pieces of art so we can have a gallery on our class page 🙂

Have a lovely day

Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 06.07.20

Good morning Class 5 – hope you had a fantastic weekend 🙂

Have a little go at this maths puzzle today – the 3 numbers in the circle must add up to 99. Hint, the circle with 49 in it already must have 2 numbers which add up to 50 included in it.


Send in your solutions to so we can see if there is more than one solution

Have a go at the maths lessons on BBC Bitesize today. Year 5s, have a look at regular and irregular polygons

Year 6s have a look at calculating angles

This week for literacy we will be writing an information text on a type of elf or sprite. We will be working through the booklet below. Today I would like you to read through the model information text about a cave elf, you can even listen to the author reading it out. After that, have a go at activity 1, working on developing vocabulary and understanding definitions. Using your understanding of the text complete activity 2, 3 and 4, have you understood the text?


This afternoon have a go at a geography lesson about what Earth can tell us about weather with David Attenborough. After looking through the videos and information can you show what you have learnt with a poster?

Have you been trying the naming the countries of the world quiz? We are now up to 177/197 in our bubble 😀

Please feel free to email me any work you are getting done or pictures of what you are getting up to! Have a look at what Lewis has been working on, some fantastic writing on the troll, information on Florida and some silly poetry. Great work Lewis 🙂

20200702_190953 20200702_191009 20200703_142702

Have a brilliant day – Miss P

Class 5 Home Learning 03.07.20

Happy Friday Class 5! Another week done, they absolutely fly past these days!

Did you manage to complete the island bridge challenge yesterday?

Here is a solution from Louie:


We realised that there were quite a few different solutions!

Today, head on over to the BBC Bitesize website for the maths challenge of the day. Remember that these get more challenging as they progress and the last questions are year 6, moving in to year 7 level. Send in your solutions to me to show me how far you got

Well done on all of your writing tasks on the image of the Unwanted Visitor this week! Today have a go at the reading lesson on Bitesize which focuses on Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. I have had this book on my bookshelf for ages – I might start reading it after having a go at this lesson 🙂

This afternoon have a go at some science and literacy together. Head over to where there should be a short video.


Out of all the penguins, the emperor penguin is the largest. These flightless birds live in the Antarctic and the waters surrounding it. Penguins have adapted to be able to deal with this cold, harsh environment, both physically and socially.
In the clip, we will see a giant petrel stop some penguin chicks in their tracks. Will the young emperor penguins be able to stand their ground, or will they lose their fight?
After watching the clip, imagine you are the Emperor of the emperor penguins. You have heard about the encounter between some young penguin chicks and a giant petrel, and you have heard how through teamwork, bravery, and the help of a friendly and fierce Adelie, they were able to stand up for themselves against their attacker.

Write a speech addressing all the penguins in your empire to ensure everyone knows about the penguin chicks’ bravery.

Make sure you…

  • Greet your audience and explain why you are making a speech here today
  • Describe the event that took place
  • Explain why you are awarding these penguin chicks with a medal

Next, use these facts about emperor penguins from to create a quiz about penguins. Test your family and friends on their penguin knowledge. Use purple mash 2quiz if you want to create your quiz.

Also, I wanted to share this amazing work with everyone. Daniel has been working on his stop motion animation more and it’s fantastic. I know he has got lots of ideas so I can’t wait to see more!

Have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend 😀

Miss P

Class 5 Home Learning 02.07.20

Good morning Class 5 🙂

Here are the answers for your crossword yesterday

crossword answers

For today’s challenge, have a go at this logic problem and email your solutions to

bridges problem

For today’s numeracy lesson we are finishing off our coordinate work with looking at reflections. Watch the video below

Lesson 4 – Reflections
Lesson 4 Answers – Reflections

For literacy begin with a SPAG mat again to revise your learning

Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mats Mat 3

For our writing today we will be using all of our work and planning from this week for the image of the troll. Write your story starter using your ideas from yesterday and the exciting sentence starters from DADWAVERS. Remember this is just a story starter, you need to start in the action, give reasons why the trolls are there, use some of your description and end on a cliffhanger to keep your reader interested. This is different to your description as you need to include action and think about what happens before and after the picture.

Here is some of my story starter:

They had arrived out of the blue, catching everyone completely unaware. Searching for sanctuary.

Striding through the vast expanse of ocean as if it were nothing more than a shallow puddle, the trolls provided the gathering crowd on the cliff tops with a menacing spectacle. They were enormous! Grotesque!

The whole cliff shook as one of them crunched a meaty, clumsy hand the size of an elephant into the rock face…

Send in your work to show everyone else your great writing 🙂

This afternoon have a go at a PE lesson, have a look at these challenges

Have fun and remember to warm up and stretch your muscles after!

Hope you enjoyed the art lesson yesterday, have a look at some of the fabulous pieces of art from my bubble in school, we enjoyed how relaxing it was 🙂

20200701_145636 20200701_150828 20200701_150849

Have a lovely day – Miss Parsons

Class 5 Home Learning 01.07.20

Happy hump day and 1st of July Class 5! Hope you are all smiling and doing well 🙂 It has been lovely to read your emails again and see what you’ve been up to.

How did you get on with the Mr Men challenge? Have a look at Ollie’s and Lucy’s attempts before I show the answers

Ollie answers mr men received_312010896627111

Here are the answers:

FB_IMG_1593239179823 (002)

For today’s challenge have a go at the crossword below, it uses spellings from the year 5 and 6 list so it should be good practise

crossword word list crossword

Email your solutions to me on

For your maths lesson today we will continue looking at coordinates and translations with them. Watch the lesson below and complete the worksheet for it. Remember – if you are struggling with anything you can email me and I will try and give you a detailed solution with all the steps.

Lesson 3 – Translations
Lesson 3 Answers – Translations

Thank you for sending over your SPAG work from yesterday – I am impressed with how well you all did 🙂 Have go at today’s SPAG mat, today I’ll let you pick which ability you feel challenged with (1, 2 or 3 stars)


Year 5 Summer Term 2 SPaG Activity Mats Mat 2

Great job on your literacy work yesterday – so many fantastic descriptions of the picture of the unwanted visitor! Have a look at the writing from Lewis, Lucy and Rye, absolutely fabulous!

20200630_101003 20200630_101139 20200630_124026 received_598019861122189

Today we’re still going to use the same image of the giant, but now we are going to expand this in to the start of a story. First, think about these questions for the characters.

Do you think the trolls are friendly or do they pose a threat?

How will people feel about seeing the trolls?

How will the trolls feel about seeing people?

Where do you think the trolls have travelled from?

Why do you think they have come here?

How would you deal with the trolls if you had to?

After thinking about these questions start to create a storyline for the image. Are they parts of the Earth coming alive to get revenge? Are they interested in the tourists, do they want to make peace? The idea is up to you – now think about the events that follow what happens in the picture. Your story beginning should be quick paced and exciting for the reader, using description and action.Try and end your story starter on a cliffhanger.

Once you have got your story beginning idea – use this template on DADWAVERS to plan a range of exciting sentence starters.

dadwavers the unwanted visitor

In our Bubble we are doing lots of reading – we have done loads of comprehensions, read The Snow Spider and we are half way through Skulduggery Pleasant and loving it! What have you been reading recently? Let me know and we can share recommendations. Have a go at this comprehension about layers of the oceans, year 5s should have a go at the 2 star version and year 6s at the 3 star version, but as long as you challenge yourself have a go!

Layers of the Ocean Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

For this afternoon, why not continue your art work on Juan Miro and watch this lesson on automatic drawing.

Lewis has been enjoying his art work over lockdown, exploring with abstract paintings and style like Miro

20200626_101058 20200626_145533

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