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Happy Bank Holiday VE Day!

Just a quick update today to say that I hope you all have a great VE Day and enjoy your garden parties that you have all worked hard to prepare! Have fun and remember to stay safe!


Here is the timetable from Telford and Wrekin for a full break down of all the virtual celebrations happening today!

Hope you have a fantastic day and long weekend – Miss P


SEND Support for reading and writing during Covid-19


Dear parents and carers,

To help support your child with their reading and writing during these challenging times, we are able to offer support through the use of Clicker 8 software.  Information about Clicker can be found by watching the short video below.

During Covid-19, We are able to provide access to both Clicker 8, which can be used on Windows and Mac platforms, and Clicker Writer for iPads and Chrome Books free of charge fo you to access at home.

If you feel Clicker 8 would support the reading and writing development of your child whilst at home, please contact myself (Mrs Turner) by email at .  I can then ensure that the appropriate licence and access is provided.

If you have any queries regarding the suitability of Clicker, please do contact me for further information using the SEND contact email address

Kindest regards

Mrs Turner



We’ve been busy!

As I promised earlier, I would like to share some more of your ‘Good News’ reports! These have been fantastic and really do show us that there is light and happiness around us

A video example here :

These are great!!

One of our class mates weren’t happy with just celebrating Easter over last week – so her family did a year in a week and celebrated their birthdays, Halloween and Christmas Day again!! What a great idea!

93418440_222048049029262_2362683383798038528_n 93695821_727819447755332_6165833571006152704_n 93782776_2724570774321383_8303651635624673280_n

It has also been very lovely to hear that you’ve been writing so many letters to people. Lucy wrote a letter to the Prime Minister last week and has even written another letter today to a Butchers who were broken in to last night (not very nice news!)


Well done everyone – super proud of you all!

If you feel you want to do more activities than those set on Purple Mash or on here, please feel free to look through this word document with links to resources in all subjects

Resources for home learning by subject

Miss P

Why not have a science afternoon?

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately we were not able to have our science week in school and I had lots of interesting experiments planned, so I thought it would be fun for us all to have a go at some quick science tasks that will blow our minds!

I’ve found some little experiments that hopefully you’ll have all the equipment for at least one. Before you complete it, write down a prediction (hypothesis) of what you think will happen and why. When you have completed the investigation you can come back to your prediction and write down what happened, your conclusion, and if it didn’t work like you thought it would or like the card says, write your evaluation (what would you do differently so it works? Try again if you can now you have evaluated!). Remember that it is important for us to predict, conclude and evaluate so that we are building our working scientifically minds! I would love to see any photos of these experiments or your scientific writing, then we can all share what we did and found! 😀




t-a-7-rain-cloud-in-a-jar-science-experiment-_ver_1 Picking_Up_an_Ice_Cube_Science_Experiment_and_Prompt_Card[1] Egg_White_and_Yolk_Science_Experiment_and_Prompt_Card[1]

Try and complete the experiment first before you read the science behind it 🙂

Happy investigating!!

Edit : I have been shown this video on Facebook by a parent of another cool experiment, it doesn’t explain the science but have a think to see if you can figure it out


Have a good weekend!

Hi all!

I thought I would share our answer to the puzzle from today so you weren’t all wondering over the weekend 🙂 Here is a solution from one of our class members-


A huge well done to you and your parents or carers for getting through the first week of home learning so brilliantly! I hope you have a lovely weekend and that the weather stays glorious so we can recharge, ready for next week 🙂

Please do continue to email if there are any questions or if you want to share something you have done to go on the class page. I love hearing what you are getting up to and celebrating your learning of all kinds! Such as this fabulous geography lesson:


To make it easier for you to share what you have been doing with your classmates, I have created a class blog on Purple Mash, it should be located in the ‘Share’ section.

Keep yourselves safe and have a great weekend – Miss P

Wonder readalong

Most of you have taken home a copy of Wonder by RJ Palacio as it is our whole class read for summer term. I’ve just spotted that the author is doing a daily read of it that would be great for us to tune in to! It is on his Twitter page and is at 4pm UK time


Purple Mash

Hi Class 5,

Just a quick update on here so it does not get missed. I have now updated Purple Mash with a range of activities that you can get your teeth stuck in to!

In our Class 5 folder I have cleared up all the stray pieces of work and uploaded some resources for you to use. We have a collaborative document where you can all save any new vocabulary you have learnt from your reading and you can see what everyone else has added. I have uploaded some resources for information on Fair Trade – this will help you with producing a fabulous Fair Trade leaflet with lots of information about what it is about. Lastly, I have uploaded a powerpoint for a maths lesson on perimeter and area – this is a topic we will have all covered before so this should be a refresh for us, but allows us to continue our learning of maths!

Thank you so much for accessing this work – I know you are being given lots of work in different forms to keep you busy!

Also – here is another member of Class 5 getting active on her daily walk and the Joe Wicks workout 😀

hettie PE 1 Hettie PE 2

Dear Parents and Carers

I would just like to reassure you in regards to the learning packs that were sent home. In attempt to make this difficult situation easier, I kept all activities (in particular maths) a revision task. However, as it was not possible for me to differentiate and focus tasks to individuals as I would usually within a lesson, I am conscious of the fact that some may not be able to complete independently. In these cases, please do refer to the links I have provided in the home learning pack to support and even if these do not help, please do not hesitate to email the office to get in contact with me. I do not wish to cause any unnecessary stress to yourselves or the children, if needs be revision of arithmetic (the four operations) and quick recall of times tables will be sufficient work in place of any maths task that can not be completed.

Thank you for all your support throughout these tricky times and hopefully see you very soon!

Miss Parsons

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