Challenge of the day 19.05.20

Good morning Class 5!

I have enjoyed reading your updates by email – I will get all your work and photos together in a post in a little bit 🙂

Here are your solutions to the challenge from yesterday –

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Great job! Today, can you crack the code and solve the question? We already know that F = H and that Y = A – use your knowledge of words to solve what the others letters actually are!

riddle problem

Continuing on our English Task! Today I would like you to think about the action of your animal character competing in the Olympic event you have chosen. How will you show the action? Think of your powerful verbs to show meaning. Think of DADWAVERS and ISPACE to get different sentence starters. Vary your sentence length, when you want the action to speed up use shorter sentences.


Here is a little example that I might write for the giraffes that were diving:

Cautiously, the first competitor edged on to the diving platform, its long legs shaking like a leaf in the wind. The sound of its knobbly knees knocking together echoed around the pool. One small step lead to a bigger one. Next came an even bigger one. Gaining speed, its beady eyes focused with determination on the neck of its dangling ally. The end of the diving board was approaching and the competitor kept galloping forward, like a car hurtling towards the edge of a cliff. Would the giraffe get enough speed to pull off the triple somersault? Reaching the very tip of the bouncing plank, four hooves thrust with an unstoppable force and the fearless diver hurtled into the air.

For maths, head over to Bitesize for a lesson on multiplying decimals by whole numbers
If you want more practise with fractions – the year 5 lesson is about adding fractions that may be bigger than 1.

Bitesize also have a useful lesson on semicolons – this would be fantastic revision and could help your with your writing task! 🙂

The geography lesson is about natural resources and ties in with our lessons on globalisation and imports and exports.

If you fancy something a little bit different to get you moving today – why not try a few Zumba videos? There are loads of kids on youtube – here is one of my favourites

Yesterday whilst I was at school, we found that outside Class 1 in the tyres a bird has made a nest to lay her eggs there. The birds had hatched and were all snuggled up waiting for mum to return with food. We waited and saw mum was eager to come back but she wouldn’t with us watching – we decided to go back inside and look from the windows. It got us thinking about what other things we could do to help the wildlife – if you want to have a look at what you can do head on over to the RSPB website where they have lots of activities!

Have a brilliant day, as always share what you’re doing with me by email if you want – Miss P