Challenge of the day 21.05.20

Good morning Class 5! We’re almost at the weekend and half term! 😀

Here is the answer for the challenge yesterday


For today’s challenge, have a go at this 6×6 sudoku


If you aren’t sure on how to complete a 6×6 sudoku, then have a look at this video below which explains how to solve them

I have really enjoyed reading your writing this week – it’s almost like being back in school in our writing cycle! Today I would like you to plan all of your short story about the animal Olympics – like how we would at school! You can present your plan however you like, it might be a story mountain, it might be in a mindmap or you might just write it in a list. Remember that a plan is notes, bullet points and prompts to help your remember, you are not writing your story today – that will be tomorrow. Here is a guide of what structure your story could follow:

Paragraph 1 – Setting the scene: where are they? Think about what you have seen on TV during the Olympics, is it a crowded stadium or loud swimming pool or ice rink? Think about the 5 senses when you describe the setting.

Paragraph 2 – Introduce your character: this is where your character mindmap from Monday will be handy! Think about your super vocabulary for this paragraph. Describe how the animals have entered the scene, what they are doing as they prepare for the event? Think of the small details that might make the reader laugh!

Paragraph 3 – The action: this is where your paragraph from Tuesday can help, but try to expand it. The event has started – what problems might have occurred? How does your animal character do in the sport? Perhaps you can create suspense by hinting at some problem that might happen. Remember to keep varying your sentence starters and try not to use ‘and then’ too much!

Paragraph 4 – The result: What happened? Did they win or was there a big pile up and mess of animals? Have they been given a medal? It is up to you – if you want you could just leave it on a cliffhanger as they all reach the finish line at almost the same time and we never find out the winner!

Have fun with it, it is meant to be a funny short story, and try to practise your punctuation, spellings and descriptive language when you come to write.

For today’s maths activity, have a go at practising your knowledge of time with today’s lesson on and the activity sheet that goes with it 🙂

For some fun geography game that might help you remember countries, flags and capital cities head on over to

I always love to hear what you’ve been doing! Here is some art work from Lewis following the lesson from yesterday and Lola’s science work on magnets!

20200520_205733 thumbnail_IMG_0103

Have a lovely day

Miss P