Challenge of the day 22.05.20

Happy Friday Class 5! Another week done 🙂

Here were your correct answers to the Sudoku challenge:

thumbnail_IMG_0110 20200521_122017

For today’s challenge, let’s have a go at the Friday Maths Challenge again Remember that they get harder as you go along and that challenge 7 is Year 6 going on Year 7 level! Send your work in if you like for our class update later today 🙂

Today is the day – use all your planning and work that you have done before to finally write your short story! Remember to try and use all you know about punctuation and checking your spellings, it’s good practise! I can’t wait to read them, I’ve enjoyed reading everything you’ve done so far like this…

Cats in the Olympics (1) 20200521_112717 thumbnail_20200519_103324 thumbnail_image_123927839 thumbnail_IMG_1014

There definitely seems to be a penguin theme!

For a super cool music lesson – head over to BBC Bitesize and use sounds around your home to make music! You may want to download a free music software, like GarageBand and Audacity, there are some others out there too when you google.

Most importantly – get outside and enjoy the sunshine, get yourself moving and make fun memories 😀

I will update later with any work you send in to me, but I’ll wish you all a happy half term now Class 5 and hope to speak to or see you soon 🙂

Miss P