Chick update


Just an update for the children on the class chicks.

On Friday, we had one egg which had been cracked open for over 24hrs, but the chick had not properly come out. Never to give up on a chick, we helped it out of the egg and washed and dried it as best we could.

Things weren’t looking too great and we were all concerned the little chick might not make it. However, I brought all of the chicks home on Friday. The poorly chick was kept separate from the other 8 and I gave it water and food. Thankfully, it started to perk up!

I then gave it a proper wash, shampoo and blow dry with the hair dryer and the chick seems in great health now and is cuddled up with her brothers and sister. She has a slightly crooked foot, but nothing that can’t be sorted out with a homemade splint.

Just a little bit of good news in the midst of all the bad!

P. S. I will be posting lots of helpful links and videos, to support you in educating your children at home. Keep your eyes peeled and keep checking this page.

Thank you,

Miss Latham

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