Class 1 activities of the day

This will be the last day I post any home learning activities on here, although I will post suggestions for the Summer holiday tomorrow.

As always for phonics, please don’t forget to head to YouTube at these times to watch the daily phonics: Letters and Sounds video.

Reception: 10.00 am and then again at 11.00 am if you still need blending support to read cvc words i.e. map and cat

Year 1: 10.30 am

For your reading activity, I would like you to log onto phonics bug and select a book to read. Can you also answer the follow up questions.

For your Literacy task, I would like you to complete your hopes and dreams sheet for next year. What do you hope to achieve when you move up into your next class?Can you create a ‘hopes and dreams’ cloud?

hopes and dreams

For your maths task, have a go at this pirate sudoku. Remember that each row across and down, should have just one of each of the 4 images.

Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham