Class 1 celebration of work

Hello class 1!

I have loved receiving photographs of your work over the past few days. So please keep them coming! Let’s have a look at what you’ve been getting up to.

Elliot has been extremely busy. He has tried really hard with his independent writing and phonics reading work. He had a go at making the hanging ice decorations and I am in love with his Arctic animal shoebox habitat. He has been busy using resources he’s found around the home to help him with his maths work and has thought carefully about how to create his own family Shield of Arms.

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Laura has also been very busy. She made a fabulous Paul Klee inspired collage that looks very much like the original. She used the lollipop sticks and paste to create the comparing alligators and has been working hard during our phonics sessions.

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Sadie also created her own Shield of Arms. Can you spot her pet cat?


Harleigh has been sharing all her impressive maths work with me. Keep up the good work Harleigh!

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Elwood had the clever idea to make his animal habitat out of lego and he used his dominoes to complete our work on ordering numbers.

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Alfie and Izzy have been very busy. They wrote me some lovely postcards using ‘I can see’ sentences about the seaside. I love how I can see that they applied their phonics knowledge to spell the words and write independently. They also had a go at the hanging ice decorations. I think they look fab in their garden.

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Lola and Willow have been producing some super writing in our Live Literacy lessons and Lola created a lovely poster celebrating her hero: her mum!

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William took inspiration from our postcard activity to write his very own postcard from the Titanic!


What a busy half- term it has been! Don’t forget to keep sending photos to

Miss Latham