Class 1 home learning

Happy Thursday!

Please see below the home learning for Class 1 children who are off with covid. Please don’t feel pressured to complete the work if your child is too ill.


Please follow the link to watch the teaching videos. Today you will be learning the letter and sound ‘e’. Join in with any speaking, reading or writing aspects of the videos.

Part 1:

Part 2:

As a follow up, can you go on a ‘e’ hunt around the house. What objects can you find that start with ‘e’. You could also look through newspapers or magazines and find the letter ‘e’. Can you find and cut out 10?


Please watch the teaching video below and then have a go at the follow up activity.




In class, we have been looking at Bonfire night and the history of why we celebrate it. Can you watch the videos to learn about Bonfire night and then create your own Bonfire night picture. You can use old toilet rolls and cut into them to create different firework shapes. Print them with paint and add glitter if you have it to create those fireworks. Use any materials you can find around the house.



Have a lovely day!

Miss Latham