Class 1 homework for week beginning 14th March


The Class 1 homework will now be posted weekly, every Friday, on the Class 1 homework page.

As we are now half-way through the year, it is time to start preparing children for the increase in expectations for next school year. Therefore, homework expectations for the rest of the year will increase slightly, whilst hopefully still not being too time consuming for families.

Homework expectations for the rest of the year for both year groups are as follows:


  • To read their home reading book 4 times per week.
  • To practice correct letter formation/number formation, of the assigned letters/numbers, on their laminated sheet, daily.
  • To play Phonics play ‘Buried Treasure’, with words containing the assigned sounds.
  • To practice reading and writing the previous week’s 2 tricky words.

Year 1:

  • To read their home reading book 4 times per week.
  • To do up to 5 minutes of handwriting practice daily.
  • To learn 5 common exception word spellings, which will be tested the following Friday.
  • To play the phonics/maths game, which will link to the children’s phonics/maths learning for the week.

All homework will be posted on to the Class 1 homework page. Children have been provided with either a red handwriting book, or a laminated letter formation sheet and whiteboard pen (for reception children, they will receive their laminated sheet on Monday). Both the book and sheet have all the rhymes which we use to help the children write letters with the correct formation. Please use these rhymes with the children when completing the handwriting practice.

Sky writer, is a really beneficial tool for demonstrating correct letter formation:

Homework for this week is:

Year 1:

  • Please practice letters l, t and i in your handwriting book for 5 minutes daily. Remember to use a sharp pencil. All of these letters start at the top and go down.
  • Spellings for this week are: when, what, all, are, they
  • In maths, the children have been practicing recalling number bonds to 10 and 20. Please play the ‘Hit the button’ game to practice recalling number bonds to both 10 and 20. Recall needs to be instant, so lots of frequent practice will help with learning. I have also linked some sing along videos to help them remember the number facts.

Hit the Button game-

Number bonds to 10 and 20 songs-


  • When you receive your laminated sheet, practice l and i. These start at the top and go down. Practice them in whatever way you would like- with felt tip pens, in the mud with a stick, in chalk on the pavement etc.
  • To play buried treasure selecting Phase 3 and words that contain the phonemes- ar, ur and ow. (You can only select words with one phoneme at a time, so it can be played multiple times with the different phonemes.)
  • Practice reading tricky words- we, me and be

If there are any questions about the homework, please come and see me.

Kind regards,

Miss Latham