Class 1 homework week beginning 04.04.22


Below is a run through of the homework for the rest of this week.


  • Please practice the letters r, u and y on your letter formation wipeable.
  • Read your home reading book 4 times.
  • Please practice reading and writing the tricky words all, are and my.
  • Please practice all phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs, by saying them daily.
  • Follow the link to play the ‘Pick a picture’ game. Read the word and then select the matching picture.

Year 1:

  • Please practice forming the letters that have been written into your homework handwriting book.
  • Read your home reading book 4 times.
  • There will be no spellings to learn this week as we aren’t in on Friday to test them.
  • Follow the link to play ‘shark numbers’. In maths, the children have been learning to identify place value in numbers to 50. They have to count the base 10 blocks to work out the number, then select the correct numeral.


Miss Latham