Class 1 remote learning

Happy Monday!

I hope that you’ve all had a lovely weekend. Here is the run through of today’s activities:

9.00-9.30 EYFS Phonics and Early writing

Today, we will be learning the new sound ‘ur’. As a follow up task, I would like you play the read and roll game, reading different ‘ur’ words. You can download it to print here: ‘ur’ roll and read game ur

If you don’t have a printer, have a go at playing it on screen.

Year 1 phonics

Here is the link to watch today’s phonics lesson. You will be looking at all of the different ways you can write the grapheme for the ‘igh’ phoneme. Don’t forget to join in with reading and saying the sounds and words.

I also have a read and roll game as your follow up task for after the session. All of this week’s phonics follow up tasks can be found here: Year 1 phonics lessons and follow-up tasks wk 01.02.21 igh ie

9.50-10.30 Year 1 Literacy

Join me on Teams for our lesson, where we will be planning an innovation to the story of ‘The Paper bag Princess.’

10.50- 11.50 Live Maths lesson

Today we will be looking at subtraction. Here are the worksheets and answers for the Year 1 children’s maths follow up task.

Year 1 subtraction not crossing 10

Year 1 subtraction not crossing 10 answers

As an extra challenge, why not answer this True or False statement.Screenshot 2021-02-01 080946

For my reception children, I would like you to use this tool to help you solve these subtraction sentences. To subtract, you move objects to the bin.

  • 10- 4=
  • 9 –  7=
  • 8 – 3 =
  • 11 – 6 =
  • 13 – 5 =

You could also make up some of your own subtractions.

Screenshot 2021-02-01 081210

Afternoon activity

Today’s activity is your next science lesson looking at animals. You will be looking at which animal families are invertebrates. Please follow the link to watch and participate in the lesson. It is an interactive lesson, so you will need a pencil and some paper.

As another task, why not have a go at these alphabet dot to dots:

Minibeast alphabet dot to dots

Screenshot 2021-02-01 082048

Have a great day!

Miss Latham