Class 1 remote learning for the day

Happy Tuesday Class 1!

Here is a run through of your activities for today:

9.00- 9.35 Live Phonics and Early writing 

Today we will be learning the ‘ow’ sound. As a follow up task, I have a picture caption match activity for you. There are 2 levels depending on how confident your child is with their reading.

ow lpicture match

It can also be printed from here. Scroll down to the last 2 slides: Reception Phonics follow up tasks phase 3

Year 1 phonics

Please follow the link to watch today’s phonics lesson, where you will be recapping all of the different ways you can write the ‘ai’ phoneme. Don’t forget to follow along with the video, reading and saying the sounds and words.

As a follow up task, I have this buried treasure game for you to play. Can you read the different words and sort between the real and rubbish words. Remember, if you don’t have a printer, you can draw your own table and write the words into the correct side.

Screenshot 2021-02-01 171540

All phonics follow up tasks for the week can be found here: Year 1 phonics lessons and follow-up tasks wk 01.02.21 (003)

9.50- 10.30 Year 1 Live Literacy lesson

Today we will be using our story plans to start writing our own adventure story.

10.50- 11.50 Maths Live Lesson

For today’s lesson, we will continue to practise our subtraction skills. This time, we will be practicing counting back along a number line.

Here is the Year 1 follow up worksheet and answer sheet for after today’s lesson:

Year 1 subtraction by counting back answers

Year 1 subtraction by counting back

Here is the follow up maths task for my reception children:

eyfs subtraction maths Print it from here: eyfs subtraction

If you are looking for an extra challenge reception children, then why not have a go at this problem solving activity:

eyfs maths challenge

12.00- 12.20 Story time and snack

Afternoon activities:

For your activities this afternoon, I would like you to look into the history of Warwick castle. This would have been our school trip this term, so I would like you to conduct a bit of research and find out the answers to these questions:

  • When was Warwick castle built?
  • Who built Warwick castle?
  • What defensive features does Warwick castle have?
  • Did Warwick castle ever come under attack?
  • Who own Warwick castle now?

Follow the link to watch a video about Warwick Castle and some of its defences.

In the video, you will learn about the different ways archers defended Warwick Castle, using either a crossbow or a bow and arrow. I thought it would be fun, if you could have a go at creating your own bow and arrow. There are lots of different ways to do this, so I have linked a few options.

Cotton bud and lollipop stick bow and arrow:

Stick and wool bow and arrow:

bow and arrow

Have a great day!

Miss Latham