Class 1 remote learning for the day

Hello Class 1!

Happy Wednesday! In celebration of Children’s Mental Health week, we shall be having a ‘Well-being Wednesday’. It is more important than ever right now to make sure we take care of ourselves and our friends and families, so that we can maintain good mental health. There are lots of ways we can try and achieve this. Here are some nice activity suggestions. Why not find 10-15 minutes each day to try a new activity and see if it helps you to feel good and positive.


Here is the run through for the rest of the day:

9.00- 9.35 Phonics and Early writing:

Join me on Teams, where we will be practicing our tricky words and writing ‘I can see’ sentences about the picture stimulus, using adjectives. i.e. I can see a fat seagull.

beach screenshot

Year 1 phonics:

Please follow the link to watch today’s video, where you will be recapping all the alternative ways of writing the ‘oa’ phoneme. Don’t forget to join in with reading and saying the sounds/words.

For your follow up task, I would like you to practice using the different graphemes for the ‘oa’ phonemes to spell common words. Can you write the word to match the picture, using the right sound? Answers are below.

oa ow oe

All follow up phonics tasks for the week can be found here: Year 1 phonics lessons and follow-up tasks wk 01.02.21 

9.50- 10.30 Year 1 Literacy lesson

In Literacy today, we will be writing the bare bones out line of our story version of ‘The Paper bag Princess,’ with our alternative climax and resolution.

10.50- 11.50 Maths Live lesson

In maths, we will continue our work on counting back to subtract, using number tracks, number lines and mental counting back skills.

Here is the Year 1 follow up worksheet and answers:

Year 1 subtraction by counting back crossing 10

Year 1 subtraction by counting back crossing 10 answers

For my reception children, I have a game for you to play, called race to space:

race to space

If you are going to try the challenges of counting back from 20, why not have a go at making your own number line to 20, or use this one here:

numberlines to 20

12.00-12.20 Storytime, snack and chat

Afternoon activities:

I’m very excited for this afternoon’s activities and I can’t wait to see what designs you come up with. To celebrate Children’s Mental Health week and the theme ‘Express yourself’, I want you to have a go at expressing yourself and your feelings by upcycling or re-designing an old piece of your clothing. There are lots of things you could do to it, like…creating a tie-dye effect, adding embellishments like pom poms, fringing or sequins, colouring it in with fabric pens or fabric paint or cutting it up to change the style. Let your imagination run wild! I can’t wait to see how you express yourselves with this challenge, so don’t forget to send in a picture of your finished look to, so that I can share your designs on the class page

dress to express poster pic

Have fun!

Miss Latham